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In Norilsk Nickel will have one more deputy general director
At MMC "Norilsk Nickel" will be another staff unit Top Management level: the management of the company decided to introduce an additional position - Deputy General Director for Strategic Development. Prestigious chair takes Maxim Vladimirovich Naumchenko - an experienced manager, who previously worked as a team with the current first deputy head of the nickel corporation - Yevgeny Yakovlev.
29 January 2013
American steelmakers adjust prices stainless metal
Management steelmaker AK Steel Holding (West Chester, Ohio, USA) has decided to revise the cost of its own production of stainless steel products for February contracts.
28 January 2013
In Nikopol launch Welded titanium pipe production
In the town of Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk region) at the production facilities of the company "VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE" will soon begin production of a new product for the company - welded titanium tubes.
25 January 2013
Norilsk Nickel was in TOP100 promising companies according to BCG
Mining and Metallurgical Company (MMC), "Norilsk Nickel" hit the hundred most promising enterprises of the global market in a special ranking «Global Challengers» by consultancy «Boston Consulting Group» Office (BCG). Besides nickel corporation in developing the list of leaders of the global business space got 5 more companies from Russia. This "Gazprom" "Rusal", "Lukoil", "VimpelCom" and "Severstal".
24 January 2013
Stainless steel from Aperam more expensive in February
Management of the company Aperam (former division of special steels ArcelorMittal) has decided to raise the price of products in stainless steel for February contracts. According to preliminary announcements of new price lists the base price of corrosion-resistant metal grades from this European manufacturer from the beginning of next month will increase by an average of 50 euros per tonne.
22 January 2013
VSMPO-Avisma plans to set a new record for the production of titanium
Leaders of the Russian company "VSMPO-Avisma" plans this year to set a new record in terms of production of titanium sponge (an intermediate product of the process of producing metallic titanium). The minimum figure, which focuses Verkhnesaldinskoye company management - 43 thousand tons of finished product.
21 January 2013
Kola MMC finished upgrading ACS line electrolysis nickel
Experts Mining and Metallurgical Company "Kola" (Russia, Murmansk region) completed the modernization of automated process technology for refining raw material management system in the department hydrometallurgical shop electrolysis nickel (Ceng).
18 January 2013
In MEPS expect a rise in price of stainless metal
MEPS Analytical Office Specialists (UK) believe that the experts stainless steel global market there is good reason to expect a rise of the cost of production of corrosion-resistant alloys at the beginning of this year.
17 January 2013
US Department of Commerce gave the green light for a cheap titanium Firth Rixson
United States Department of Commerce (United States Department of Commerce) approved the abolition of import duties on titanium with resource supply for the needs of the metallurgical plant of Firth Rixson.
14 January 2013
Fighters against the nickel mine in the Voronezh region appealed to the UN
Activists of the movement, is opposed to the development of nickel mine in the Voronezh region, turned for help to the United Nations.
13 January 2013
Chepetsk Mechanical Plant bought the company for the production of special steels for Moscow
Limited Liability Company "Elemash-SPETSTRUBPROKAT" (Russia, Moscow region, Elektrostal) change in ownership.
10 January 2013
Precision Castparts Corp closed a deal to Timet
Corporation «Precision Castparts» ( «PCC») completed the acquisition of the product producer of titanium and its alloys - the company «Titanium Metals Corp» ( «Timet»), formerly owned «ELIT Acquisition Sub Corp».
7 January 2013
Russia: it published a law abolishing the competition for the federal mines
In Russia, it issued a law under which the right of mining resources in the fields of federal significance will no longer be distributed through competitions.
3 January 2013
POSCO will retain the December prices for stainless steel
The Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO) decided to leave the rental cost of stainless steel for January contract at the level of the last months of 2012 prices of the year. This is with reference to official sources in metallurgical corporation reported on the pages of his news portal is one of the leading traders in the sector of special steels Taiwan - Yieh Corp.
2 January 2013
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