20X23H18 - 1.4845 - aisi 310S pipe

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Stainless steel grade 20X23H18 (AISI 310s) is a complex alloy of austenitic class, resistant to soil and atmospheric moisture, aggressive industrial gases. It is produced in accordance with GOST 5632-72. The main alloying element is chromium. It is contained in amount of 22-25%. The more it is, the higher resistance to corrosion is. With the content of more than 17%, steel becomes resistant in aggressive oxidizing environments. 12-15% Ni in the composition gives the necessary ductility and increases corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The alloy is also alloyed with 2% manganese, 1% silicon, 0.2% carbon, thousandths of a percent phosphorus and sulfur.

Percent composition of grade 20X23H18 (GOST 5632-72)

Alloy C Si Mn Ni Cr P S Ti Fe
20X23H18 ≤0,2 ≤1 ≤2 17-20 22-25 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 --- basis

Physical properties depending on temperature

Ex10- 5 ax10 6 Thermal conductivity Density Rx10 9
Degrees °С MPa 1/Grad W/(mhgrad) g/cm3 Ohmhm
20 2.04 13.8 7,9 1000
300 1.86 16.6 18.8
600 1.63 17.85 21.7 7,67
700 1.53 17.85 7,62

E - modulus of elasticity of the first kind [MPa]

a - coefficient of thermal expansion


Forgings, seamless tubes, parts of combustion chambers, bandages, clamps, hangers, parts of fastening of boilers, muffles for work at t° 1100 °C. Recently this steel has been increasingly used in the food industry for the production of heat-resistant cookware, as well as various instruments used in the stages of food production. The steel meets the strictest hygiene and sanitary standards. It is a multifunctional convenient material. The surface of steel pipe can be matt, mirror as well as polished. Such pipes are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, construction and advertising elements.

Mechanical properties of rolled products atto 20o C

Range GOST σB σT d5 Heat treatment
Pipe Ø 212x60 500 200 35 Tempering 1100 - 1150o C, air
Bar, 5949-75 490 196 35 Tempering 1100 - 1150o C, air

σB - short-term tensile strength;

σT - yield strength for permanent deformation;

d5 - elongation at break.


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