Circle, wire, tube Nickel 270 - 2.4050

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Nickel 270 Technical Characteristics

High-purity metal for the production of semi-finished products (wires, rods, bands, sheets and strips) used in instrumentation and machine building. The nickel content is 99.6%. Melting point: 1455°C. Casting temperature: 1550 - 1650°C, hot work: 1140 - 1250°C, annealing: 700 - 800°C. Linear shrinkage: 1%

Mechanical properties, t° 20 ° C

Range GOST s in sT d5 y KCU
- MPa MPa % % kJ/m2
Hot-rolled steel rod, 13083-77 440 10
Soft bar 13083-77 370 30
Hard bar 13083-77 540 5
Tape soft 2170-73 390 35
Tape 2170-73 540 3

sv - Tensile strength.

d5 - Tensile elongation at break.

KCU - Impact strength

Foreign analogues

Germany (DIN, WNr): 2.4060 2.4050; Ni99.6

Delivery, price

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