For elastic elements, precision alloys

Technical Characteristics

Precision alloys for elastic elements refer to steels with a given level of elasticity, used in sensitive elements operating at temperatures up to 350 °C. The alloys have unique physical and mechanical characteristics (magnetic, elastic, thermal, electrical). These materials belong to high-alloys, which are made on the basis of iron, nickel, copper, niobium, cobalt. They are characterized by accuracy of chemical composition, thoroughness of manufacturing and processing, minimal presence of impurities. .


Manufacturing of sensitive instrument parts. High-precision devices with stable characteristics in the range of temperature fluctuations, sensors, clockwork.

Delivery, price.

All the offered products are certified. The technical documentation includes data on the chemical composition and the limiting percentage of impurities. The supplier "Evek GmbH", delivers precision rolled products for resilient elements in standard and non-standard sizes at reasonable prices and in optimal time frame from their stocks. The price of precision alloys corresponds to the high quality of the products.


You can buy precision rolled products for elastic elements from the supplier Evek GmbH at an affordable price. The price of precision alloys is formed on the basis of European standards of production. Buy precision alloys at an affordable price you can buy wholesale or retail. Regular customers can take advantage of a discount system from Evek GmbH.