X12M - X165CrMoV12 - 1.2601 circle, rod, forging

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Evek GmbH sells circles, bars and forgings made of the tool alloy steels X12M and X165CrMoV12 (1.2601) at the manufacturer's price. The supplier guarantees a strict implementation of the range of products supplied, as well as its prompt delivery to the location specified by the customer.

Chemical composition

X12M steel grade refers to cold-deformed stamping steel. It is produced in CIS countries in accordance with GOST 5950 specifications. The chemical composition of steel is given in table below:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium
Content in steel, % 1,45...1,65 0,15...0,35 0,15...0,40 11,50...13,00 0,40...0,60 0,15...0,30

The content of nonmetallic impurities in steel composition - sulfur and phosphorus - should not exceed 0,03%.

The nearest foreign analogue of this steel is X165CrMoV12 (1.2601) produced in Europe. According to DIN 17350, X165CrMoV12 (1.2601) has the following chemical composition:

Element Carbon Silicon Carbon Magnesium Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium Tungsten
Content in steel, % 1,55...1,75 0,25...0,40 0,20...0,40 11,00...12,00 0,50...0,70 0,10...0,50 0,40...0,60

The upper limit of metallurgical impurities - the same as that for the steel X12M.

Buy at the best price from the manufacturer of the round, bars and forgings of the tool alloy steel grades X12M and X165CrMoV12 (1.2601) offers the company Evek GmbH. The supplier ensures compliance with the product range and guarantees prompt delivery to the address specified by the customer.

Properties and application

X12M and X165CrMoV12 (1.2601) stamp steels are referred to steels with high wear resistance, but somewhat lower impact toughness. They are used for manufacture of cold forging punches and dies at specific loads not exceeding 1800...2000 MPa. These steels are also effective for cold press tools and bandage plates used for reinforcing large cast iron molding and drawing dies.

The steels exhibit the following physical and mechanical properties after quenching and tempering to optimum hardness:

  • Maximum bending strength, MPa - 3000...3100;
  • yield strength, MPa - 2000...2200;
  • Hardness, HRC - 60...63;
  • Impact toughness, kJ/m2 - 18...22;
  • Brinell hardness (after rolling), HB - not more than 212.

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy at best price from the manufacturer circles, bars and forgings, made of tool alloy steels X12M and X165CrMoV12 (1.2601). Supplier guarantees compliance with dimensions and profiles of sold products, guarantees its prompt delivery to the point set by the customer.