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General Characteristics

Titanium alloys are classified by crystal lattice configuration: β-state (cube-shaped), α-state (hexahedron-shaped) and α+β (mixed state). Alloy VT9 refers to α+β alloys, it is alloyed with 6.4% Al, 3% Mo, 1.5% Zr, 0.25% Si. It was developed by VIAM in 1960. It was the first thermally hardened alloy, mastered by the industry. The first rather comprehensive paper on titanium alloys was published in 1961 by E.I. Morozov, S.S. Kochubey. I. Morozov, S.G. Glazunov and Khromov. It describes the influence of temperature tests on mechanical properties of shaped castings of titanium alloys VT3, VT3-1, VT5, VT5-1, VT7, VT8, VT9, VT10. It was found that the highest strength properties in the range of t° 20 - 500°C have alloys VT3-1, VT9.

Advantages and application of titanium alloy VT9

Specific weight t° melting. Properties Technology Application
4.48 g/cm³ 980-1020° High percentage of Al and alloying with Si gives higher strength and heat resistance compared to VT6. Designed for applications at 400 - 500 °C. Double and isothermal annealing provides the optimum combination of properties. The beta phase content in the annealed alloy is 10%. The alloys are heat hardened by quenching and aging. Deforms well in the hot state. Technological consistency in die machining is worse than that of BT6. Welding is not recommended. Parts of GTE: blades and disks and other compressor parts.

Technical characteristics of VT9 titanium tube

Semifinished product Thickness (mm) Heat treatment Strength (MPa) Plasticity δ% KCU J/cm³
VT9 pipe Ø 89 Annealed Over 1050 More than 10% Over 30
-- "-- Ø 95 Annealing More than 950 More than 9% Over 30
-- "-- Anneal 950° 1 h +530° 6 h 1180 - 1215 14 - 17% --- Over 30
-- "-- Hardening 950° 1 h +530° 6 h. 530° 5 hrs. 1440 - 1450 6 - 8% --- More than 30


Tubes of grade BT9 are widely used in mechanical engineering, petrochemical, gas extraction and processing industry for the production of compressors, pipelines, pumps, etc.

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