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HN45YU — superalloy based on nickel (44 — 46%), the second amount of substance is iron (30.825 — 38.1%), third — chromium (15 — 17%). Also in the present HN45YU substances such as aluminum — 2.9−3.9% silicon and manganese — up to 1% carbon and barium — less than 0.1% of the total mass, sulfur and phosphorus — within 0.02% cerium and — 0.03%.

The percentage of (GOST 5632−72)

Alloy C Si Mn P S Ni Cr Al Xie Ba Fe Impurities
HN45YU ≤0.1 ≤1 ≤1 ≤0.025 ≤0.02 44−46 15−17 2.9−3.9 ≤0.03 ≤0.1 the balance ≤0.05


Alloy Manufacturing normalized following GOST: 2590−88 (round pipe hot-rolled), 2591−88 (hot-rolled square) and 2879−88 (hexagonal, hot-rolled). Pipes designed HN45YU weak load, in particular in various heating devices and power plants requiring high electric resistance elements.

Physical quality at t 20−800 ° C

t ° E 10 — 5 a June 10 Heat capacity Density
hail MPa 1 / Grad W / (m · deg) g / cm 3
20 2.07 29.6 7.76  
200 1.92 15.9 12.2 7.68
400 1.78 16.55 15.4 7.52
600 1.56 19 19.2 7.45
800 1.32 19.7 7.38  


For the manufacture of slotted rollers furnaces fast firing ceramic tiles, household flat ceramics and other ceramic products. Production of conveyor furnace nets. HN45YU tube may be used as parts of the burner. It is used for production of covers thermoelectric converters, because it does not pollute the electrodes thermocouple and provides reliable protection of the thermocouple wire at work in an aggressive environment and harmful conditions. HN45YU tube capable of withstanding a temperature 1250−1300 ° C for a long time, has a high resistance to stresses at high temperatures. Therefore, it is used as a heat-resistant material burning furnaces, internal combustion engines, gas and steam turbines, atomic power plants, jet engines. Also, the pipe is resistant to corrosion in gas media and in air at high temperature. Doped silicon and aluminum, it can withstand contact with the aggressive medium because these materials when heated form a protective film on the surface — chromium oxide, aluminum, and others. This tube is useful as a chimney. And, as for the exhaust of combustion products of industrial furnaces and fireplaces, various boilers. This tube is sufficiently plastic that allows the construction of chimneys and other piping system at any angle. Metal has an attractive appearance and does not require painting.

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