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Grade 03X23H6 refers to chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel of austenitic-ferritic class. Production is normalized by the following GOST: 5632-72, 7350-77 and TU: 14-1-1554-75, 14-1-1905-76. This steel is used for welded containers required in the production of nitric acid: 10% concentration at t ° 140 ° C; 20% HNO3 t ° to 120 ° C; 30% HNO3 t ° to 120 ° C; and 40-70% HNO3 to 100 ° C. It is also used in the production of ammonium nitrate, adipic acid, nitric fertilizers, pipelines for the transportation of nitrous gas from the compressor to the 1st and 2nd stage coolers (medium - nitrous gas, nitric acid, t ° < 230 ° C, pressure up to 1.16 N / mm2). This steel successfully replaces the alloys OZH18H11, 03X19AGZN10, X18H9T and X18H10T, demonstrating greater resistance to knife corrosion of welded seams in comparison with titanium alloys: 08X22H6T, X18H10T, X18H9T.

Percentage composition

C Cr Si Mn Ni P S Fe
≤0,03 22-24 ≤0,4 1-2 5,3-6,3 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 Basis

Mechanical properties at t=20°C

>TU Products σ in, N/mm² σ0,2, N/mm² δ5, %
14-1-1554-75 Sections 520 300 25
GOST 7350-77 Thick plates 590 345 25
14-1-1905-76 Sheets thin 550 300 25

Mechanical properties at low as well as elevated tº (sheet 6 mm hardened in water at 1050°С)

tisp, °C σ0.2, N/mm² σc, N/mm² δ5, % tisp, °С σ0,2, N/mm² σ in, N/mm² δ5, %
-100 700 1080 >39 200 300 570 38
-70 600 1000 41 400 150 470 41
20 450 890 42 600 200 400 36

Mechanical properties at high tº (sheet 6 mm, water hardened at 1050°C)

tisp, °C σ0.2, N/mm² σc, N/mm² δ5, % ψ, % KCU, J/cm2 n, r
800 100 150 24 35 250 -
900 - 100 45 - 200 3,5
1000 30 50 52 35 150 5,2
1100 - 20 60 - 100 6,8
1200 8 10 75; 88 61 100 8,0; 17,6

Physical properties at 20°C

density 7,7 g/cm3; thermal conductivity 0,168 - 10² W/(m - K); specific electrical resistance at 20 °C equals 0,74 Ohm - mm2/m elastic modulus at 20 °C = 20-x10-4 N/mm2; magnetic saturation in the field of 500 Ereaches 0.3-0.5 (Tl - m)/A; and the temperature coefficient of linear expansion α as the temperature rises from 20 °C to 100 °C, 200 °C and 300 °C is 9.6; 13.8 and 16x10-6/°C, respectively.

Corrosion resistance

According to GOST 7350-77, as well as TU 14-1-1905-76, this steel is resistant to intergranular corrosion by the method AM (duration of tests in the control solution of 24 hours), GOST 6032-89. When tested in boiling 65% HNO3 of particular purity, density 1.41 g/cm3, the rate of corrosion must not exceed 0.5 mm / year (the test includes 3 cycles of 48 hours each). Samples cut from sheets in quenched condition with an additional provoking heating to 550 °C for one hour are put to the test by both methods.

Process parameters

Hot deformation of this mild steel is carried out at higher temperatures than for other corrosion-resistant steels; namely in the temperature range of 1280-1110°C. The steel is well bendable and can be stamped both in cold and hot condition. Hardened in water at 1000-1050°C; the same heat treatment is recommended for deburring after cold or hot deformation.


Steel is well welded by all types of manual welding. For manual arc welding - best electrodes OZL-20. The strength of welds is not less than 90% of the base material with equal corrosion resistance. Welded joints do not require additional heat treatment, they are not prone to knife corrosion in boiling 65% HNO3.


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