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General Characteristics

Molybdenum is the 42nd element of D. Mendeleev's periodic table, chemical symbol Mo. Its atomic weight is 95.94, density 10.22 g/cm³, t° of melting +2617°C. It is a heavy metal of a silvery hue. In Greek μόλυβδος means lead. It oxidizes little in the air at room temperature, practically does not interact with hydrogen up to melting point, but at t° > 400 ° C is easily oxidized in the air. It cannot be hardened by heat treatment. The hardening is achieved only by semi-hot nibbling, the necessary mechanical properties of products are achieved by annealing and deformation. Molybdenum is one of the rare alloying elements that harden the alloy and simultaneously increase resistance to corrosion. As early as the eleventh century it has been used in Japan for making cold steel weapons.

Atomic number Mo Atomic (molar) mass g/mol Oxidation state Density [g/cm3] Melting point t°C Boiling point t ° C Melting point kJ/kg
№ 42 96 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 10,22 2617°С 4612°С 28

Physicochemical properties

Nitric acid and aqua regia dissolve molybdenum only at t°100°C. It reacts with sulfuric and hydrochloric acids from 80°C, it is destroyed in hot alkaline solutions. The impurities O2, C, Si, N2, Al, Fe, P, Ca and S, which may be in technical molybdenum from a hundredth to a hundredth of a percent, noticeably affect its characteristics. Most of them make the metal more brittle. A particularly harmful impurity is O2. At its content of 0.0008-0.004%, fusible oxides lead to a sharp increase in the brittleness of the metal and a reduction in the ability to plastic deformation, especially in the paired presence of N2, and C. If the oxygen fraction increases above 0.015%, the metal becomes brittle and unavailable for pressure treatment.


Molybdenum is used in engineering as a heat resistant material that retains its strength at temperatures up to 2000 °C. Approximately ¾ of molybdenum mined is used to alloy heat resistant alloys. It improves the hardenability and rollability of alloys, eliminates brittleness, and increases heat resistance. Such alloys serve as a basis for refractory corrosion-resistant construction materials, for example, in jet engine nozzles. It is used in the radio engineering industry in the form of thin wire. It is used to make sheet anodes, cathode springs and meshes. Molybdenum ribbon (wire) is used for current input into lamps. The coefficient of thermal expansion of glass and molybdenum are almost the same, so it is used for soldered electrical contacts in glass. It is also used in constructions of high-temperature furnaces and for electrodes of glass baths for production of optical glass. Molybdenum derivatives - oxides, sulfides and molybdates - are components of glazes, pigments of dyes and catalysts of chemical reactions. MoF6 is used to apply metallic molybdenum to various coatings.

Nozzles and nozzles made of molybdenum
Type Mo Impurities Each impurity Density, g/cm3 Hardness, HB
HB ≥ 99.93 ≤ 0.07 ≤ 0.01 9.4 ≥ 110

Piercing molybdenum mandrels are used for piercing seamless stainless steel and steel pipes, drilling steels and alloyed special steels. Their assortment is given below.

Size, mm Tolerance, mm Size, mm Tolerance, mm
20 ~ 55 ± 3.0 60 ~ 110 ± 6.0
60 ~ 80 ± 4.0 160 ~ 200 ± 8.0
85 ~ 100 ± 6.0 180 ~ 260 ± 8.0
110 ~ 150 ± 8.0 200 ~ 300 ± 10.0
160 ~ 250 ± 10.0 280 ~ 450 ± 15.0

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