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Evek GmbH offers to buy at a bargain price from the manufacturer pipes, rounds and bars made of silicon-manganese steel grades 16GS and 15GA. Supplier guarantees strict adherence to delivery dates and assortment of profiles of products sold. Delivery is made directly to the address specified by the customer.

Chemical composition

16GS is a low-alloy structural steel with high silicon and manganese content. In CIS countries this steel is melted according to GOST 19281 and GOST 5520 standards. It has the following chemical composition:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel, Chromium, Copper Nitrogen Arsenic
Content in steel, % 0,12...0,18 0,40...0,70 0,90...1,20 Up to 0.30 Up to 0.008 Up to 0.08

GOST 5520, in addition, limits the percentage content of non-metallic impurities - sulfur and phosphorus, which in steel 16GS can not be more than 0,035%.

Among the foreign analogues of steel 16GS is a low-carbon steel 15GA. It is produced in Poland according to the norms of the national standard PNH 84018 and its composition practically does not differ from 16GS.

Evek GmbH offers at producer prices pipes, rounds and bars made of 16GSGS and 15GA low-alloy structural steel. The supplier provides the performance of the assortment range of supply, and timely transport of products to the customer.

Properties and application

Low-alloy structural steel grades 16GS and 15GA is designed for the manufacture of structures working under pressure: parts of steam boilers, flanges and valves, the operating temperature of which does not exceed 450-4750 C. The steel is cold-resistant and well-resistant against internal pressures up to 260...280 ata, insensitive to flaking and to temper embrittlement.

Mechanical parameters of the steels under consideration at200 C:

  • Ultimate strength, MPa - 480;
  • Ultimate ductility, MPa - 260...280;
  • Relative elongation, % - 27...38;
  • Relative narrowing, % - 57...65;
  • Impact viscosity, kJ/m2 - 1000 ... 1200.

Buy pipe, rounds and bars made of low-alloy structural steel 16GS and 15GA offers the company Evek GmbH. The favorable price from the manufacturer. Supplier provides timely delivery of products to the address specified by the customer.