Heavy tungsten alloys

Technical characteristic

High specific gravity of 17-18.5 g/cm3. Satisfactory processability. High degree of ionizing radiation absorption. High heat resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high load resistance, excellent thermal conductivity.

Physical properties of W-Ni-Fe

Alloy Specific gravity ww H d5
Mark g/cm3 MPa HRC %
90W 17 820 25 10
93W 17,6 789 26 7
95W 18 820 27 7
97W 18,5 840 27 5

Physical properties of W-Ni-Cu

Alloy Specific gravity w/w H d5
Mark g/cm3 MPa HRC %
90C 17 750 24 1,2
95C 18 650 27 1
97C 18,5 550 28 0,5

Sv- Ultimate short-term strength

H- Hardness HRC

d5 - Tensile elongation at break


- Radiation and armour protection

- Balancing of moving mechanisms

- Military-industrial complex, ballistics (anti-ballistic bullets and projectiles)

- Chemical industry

- Medicine

- Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering


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