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Precision alloys Din, En from the supplier Evek GmbH are widely used for the manufacture of critical parts used in mechanical engineering, instrumentation, electrical engineering. They are used for the manufacture of measuring instruments, sensors with high accuracy, are used in the manufacture of computer equipment. According to European standards, the use of precision alloy Din, En is required in electrical engineering, the chemical industry, nuclear energy, physical laboratories. Due to excellent performance qualities, precision alloys are used for the manufacture of transformers, batteries, mechanisms with high accuracy. Precision alloys are resistant to corrosion, atmospheric humidity, alkaline and saline solutions, the action of acids.


The precision alloys production represents the usage of the precise quantity of the alloying elements with special physical characteristics in accordance with the European standards. Nickel, chromium, copper and cobalt are used in strictly defined proportions. The price of precision alloys depends on the production technology and melting conditions of metals, which provides maximum quality at an affordable price.


The supplier of precision alloys presents certified products. The technical documentation contains all data concerning chemical composition, percentage of impurities and mechanical properties of precision alloy sheets. With us you can buy any precision alloy at an adequate price. You will be satisfied with the quality and price of precision alloys. For wholesale customers we offer precision alloys with a discount.


All products from our company have been certified. The technical documentation contains data on the composition, mechanical quality and impurity content.

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