Dural rolled steel GOST


GOST Range
Р 56854-2016 Pressed aluminium alloy bars for shipbuilding. Technical specifications.
Р 56282-2014 Large-size extruded complex profiles from aluminium alloys Technical specifications.
21631-76 Duralumin sheet D16
4784-97 Duralumin D16

Advantages of duralumin

Ease of machining.

2. Structural strength.

3. "nj very light alloy. Its density is 2.5-2.8 g/cm3.


Sensitivity to sharp cuts. Significant reduction in strength when t° above 140 °C. Thirdly, compared to aluminium, dural shows a lower degree of corrosion resistance.

Heat Treatment

Normalizing, hardening, annealing and tempering,

Cold working

plastic deformation, turning, milling, grinding, drilling.


Energy, transport engineering.

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