Bellows axial compensator

General characteristics

Bellows expansion joints are installed in circuits through which high-pressure fluid or superheated steam circulates. They are used in chemical production, power generation, gas, oil refining industry. They successfully dampen vibration and thermal expansion of the circulation system. These expansion joints successfully withstand cyclic deformations, absorb differential pressures, are temperature resistant and can work in vacuum conditions or in aggressive environment. They can be installed anywhere in the pipeline, absorb cyclic and static loads, are quite compact, inexpensive, require no maintenance during operation, reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of pipelines.

Design features

Compensator basis consists of one or several bellows with limiting, connecting and protective fittings. Bellows - is a single-layered elastic or multilayered corrugated shell for separation of media and maintenance of axial stability, strength and tightness under cyclic transverse, longitudinal angular and bending loads caused by differential pressure of temperature or mechanical forces.

Сильфонные компенсаторы

Сильфонные компенсаторыСильфонные компенсаторыСильфонные компенсаторы

The compensator is equipped with protective and connection fittings that optimize the load on the bellows. Expansion joints can be of all designs, e.g. articulated, gimbal or angular.

Сильфонные компенсаторыСильфонные компенсаторыСильфонные компенсаторыСильфонные компенсаторыСильфонные компенсаторы


Oil-, chemical-, power-, gas-, automotive-, motor-, ship-, heating-, space- and nuclear industries, high-rise heating systems. These expansion joints are suitable for the pipelines of a wide variety of technological systems. They can connect pipes of different types, seal the pipeline, drain and absorb exhaust gases.

Advantages of bellows expansion joints:

Designation Type Description
Сильфонные компенсаторы over gland

no problems due to leakages in the thermal insulation wetting;

no leakage;

much cheaper to maintain.

Сильфонные компенсаторы over U-, L- and Z-joints

possibility of installation in hard-to-reach places;

small geometric dimensions;

low rigidity under compression, which significantly reduces the load on the fixed supports;

low hydraulic resistance;

significantly less installation time and costs.

Сильфонные компенсаторы over lensed

far greater axial displacement;

bellows expansion joints can be manufactured and designed to meet specific requirements;

more durable.


Bellows expansion joints have the following features:

Type of displacement to be compensated Bellows Bellows material nominal bore Working temperature Working pressure Fittings
Lateral, axial, angular and combined. Multilayer or single bellows. Single or multiple bellows sections. Corrosion-resistant high-alloy austenitic steel 316L (analog of steel 03Х17Н14М3 according to State Standard 5632-72), AISI 304 (analog of steel 08Х18Н10 according to State Standard 5632-72), 321 (analog of steel 08Х18Н10Т according to State Standard 5632-72) according to ASTM-A240. Up to 3000 mm -270°C + 750°C Up to 40 bar Flanged, welded or threaded ends in corrosion-resistant or carbon steel. Various options for fitting with restriction and end fittings are possible.

Bellows axial compensator КСО

This type of expansion joints is used to compensate temperature changes of straight sections in heating networks with any methods of laying. In a straight line section when changing the temperature of the heat network between fixed supports, the pipeline receives a slight increase in length due to temperature elongation. The resulting compressive or tensile stresses will generally cause the pipes to bend and break. Bellows corrugations installed in this section of the axial bellows compensator CSR, deforming elastically, perceive the elongation of the pipeline section within the limits of its compensating capacity. It is used on the pipelines of water heating, pumping facilities, heat networks of consumers and other heating facilities, devices and mechanisms, electric power stations.

Bellows expansion joints

They are able to perceive and compensate transverse movements and shifts in relation to their own axis. The design includes guiding and limiting rods, supporting flanges, ropes, can also be mounted special protective covers and internal guiding screens, which are attached to the pipeline with different types of connecting fittings. They are produced in two modifications: single-syphon or double-syphon. Media: oil products, steam, gas, water, etc.

Corner bellows expansion joints

Angular bellows expansion joints have a large angle of deflection with relatively small dimensions. They are mainly used in the chemical industry, as well as in heating networks. Angular bellows expansion joints are installed in pipelines which are not straight and have elbows in several or one plane. During thermal expansion of straight sections of pipes, the sections adjacent to them and located in relation to the first at an angle, may experience bending moments, which leads to the bending of the pipes. Pipeline anchorages can then experience significant loads that can lead to the failure of the anchorages. Bellows expansion joints are used to compensate for such deformations. They are also used in pipeline laying, in cases of changes in the direction of the pipeline route (small angles between the sections).

Compensating bellows device SKU.PPU.

This device consists of a one-or two-section bellows compensator, which is made of stainless steel, enclosed in a protective steel casing (in order to respect the alignment of the compensator and protect against mechanical damage to the bellows).

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