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Production and use

Stainless chrome steel 90Х18МФ smelted in open electric arc or induction furnaces. Production is regulated by GOST 5632−72 and 5949−75, and also that: 14−1-1848−75 and 14−1-4628−89. Bandpass and high quality steel is made by forging or rolling. Hot deformation is carried out at 1130−950°C, followed by aging at 750 °C and cooling. In hardened state such steel is used in the production of chemical fibers, multi-threaded gear pumps, for metered supply rest on the preparation of environments, as well as in the manufacture (GOST R 50 328.1−92) of the cutting tool in the medical and food industry, resistant to corrosion in sanitary processing.

Percentage composition

C Cr Fe Mn Mo P S Si V
0,85−0,95 17−19 DOS. ≤1 0,9−1,3 ≤0,03 ≤0,025 ≤1 0,07−0,12

Physical properties at 20°C

The density of 7.67 g/cm3, a specific electrical resistivity of 0.68 MOhm • mm2/m.

Temperature coefficient of linear expansion and

Steel grade From 20 to 100 From 20 to 200 From 20 to 300 From 20 to 400 From 20 to 500 From 20 to 800
90Х18МФ 11 11,2 11,6 11,8 12,2 12,8
95X18 11,8 12,3 12,7 13,1 13,4 -

Resistance to corrosion

90Х18МФ steel is extremely corrosion resistant. During the test in the environment the production of polyester textile yarns (pH=4,3−4,8) it does not change, while martensitic steel such as 40Х11МЗФ, 50Х14МФ and 95X18 are subjected to pitting corrosion.


90Х18МФ steel refers to the martensitic class. Its microstructure during annealing with 900−1250°C forms martensite, austenite, carbides. After annealing, the structure of ledeburite steel with excess carbides, which differ morphologically. Primary extracted from the liquid phase, the larger elongated along the rolling or forging. Secondary — small, stand out by cooling the boundaries and inside the austenitic grains. With increasing temperature of heating for hardening, the proportion of austenite increases, and changing the hardness. The minimum value of the hardness of 26 HRC get when quenching from 1250 °C, and the maximum value of 57−58 HRC for quenching from 1050 °C.

T º influence of quenching on properties 90Х18МФ (numerator) and 95X18 (denominator)

tзак Residual austenite γ, % The austenitic grain diameter in microns Hardness HRC The content of chromium (Cr) in the solid solution, %
900 °C <1 18 47 9,5
1000 °C - 16 55/55 -
1050 °C 26/17 40 57/58 11
1100 °C - - 54/55 12,2
1150 °C 76 35 40 -
1200 °C - 42 33 -
1250 °C 93 63 26 16.4

The influence of t º vacation properties 90Х18МФ (numerator) and 95X18 (denominator) (the process of quenching from 1040 °C)

tотп, °C Hardness HRC Residual austenite γ, % tотп, °C Hardness HRC Residual austenite γ, %
140 57/56 17/15 670 33/- 0/-
300 52/51 12/12 750 27/- 15/-
500 55/- - 900 60/- 0/-
600 40/- - - - -

After quenching of steel 90Х18МФ in oil at 1040 °C (exposure 30 min), the critical points are: Ac1 = 840 °C, Ac3 = 925 °C; PL = 260 °C; MK =135°C. Due to the stability of austenite after quenching from 1250 °C no phase transformations. The quenching temperature of 900 to 1250 °C depends on the content of chromium. After quenching from 900 °C primary carbides have a grain of 1.6 to 7.6 µm, secondary — 0,4−0,8 µm. With the increase of quenching temperature to 1150 °C the size of primary carbides is almost unchanged. Recommended t º hardening 1050 °C-the home of 140 °C. To fully mitigate (~ 220 HB) carry out the annealing at 880−920°C with minimal cooling rate (25 °C/h). To improve the machinability in turning using annealing at 730−760°C. do Not recommend a vacation at 450 — 600 °C and higher annealing t° 1065 °C which causes grain growth and reduced toughness.


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