Rolled molybdenum


The low percentage of this metal in the earth's crust makes it difficult to develop deposits. Most of the molybdenum mined is used to alloy heat-resistant alloys. It is quite malleable and ductile, which makes it easy to work with. However, there is one disadvantage: alloying with molybdenum not only increases the strength of the metal, but also its brittleness.

Technical Characteristics

Molybdenum is part of the group of the most refractory metals, for refractoriness it is ahead of only tungsten and rhenium. Molybdenum alloys are characterized by particular elasticity, low expansion coefficient, resistance to thermal shock. Under normal conditions, this metal does not react with chemicals. Molybdenum has better electrical conductivity than iron. In terms of strength, this material is slightly inferior to tungsten, but much easier to process.

Physical properties (temperature 20°C)

Characteristics Value
Density Mo [g/cm3] 10,22
Melting point 2620 °C (2890°K)
Boiling point 4639 °C
Thermal conductivity [W/(m-K) 138
Oxidation grades 6, 5, 4, 3, 2
Specific heat of fusion 28 kJ/mol


Cathodes of vacuum devices, armor and radiation protection, tool steels, parts of rocket engines. Molybdenum is necessary for modern electrical engineering, energy, space and aviation industries.


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