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Composition and properties

GOST 14969 elevated quality steel 55C2A can be equally classified as spring steel and high carbon construction steel. The chemical composition of the material is as follows:

Alloying element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Nickel
Steel content, % 0,52...0,58 1,50...2,00 0,60...0,90 Up to 0.30 Up to 0,40

In addition to the above components, the steel also contains impurities: sulphur (not more than 0.02%) and phosphorus (not more than 0.030%).

The foreign analogues of this steel are as follows: steel 1.5026 according to ASTM 630 in North America and Canada and steel 55Si7 according to DIN in Europe. The composition of these steels differs from the domestic brand by higher tolerances for sulfur and phosphorus content (up to 0.045% in each element), increased manganese content (0.7-1.0%) and tougher tolerances for silicon content (1.5-1.8%). The presence of chromium and nickel is not specified. Steels are produced under special orders, so there is no special inspection of their physical and mechanical properties.

Domestic standards for the operational properties of steel 55S2A after heat treatment (quenching at 8700 C in oil, followed by tempering at 4700 C) are as follows:

  • Tensile strength, MPa - 1275;
  • Ultimate ductility, МPа - 1174;
  • Relative elongation at tension,% - 6...7;
  • Relative contraction, % - 30;
  • Brinell hardness, HB - 240...285 (lower values correspond to annealed steel).

These steels cannot be used for making welded structures. The bulk rolled products of 55C2A, 55Si7, (1.5026) are not susceptible to the formation of flokens when hot forging billets, the phenomenon of temper embrittlement is not observed either.


The spring-spring constructional steels of 55S2A, 55Si7, (1.5026) type can be forged well in a hot state at the temperature of the initial billet 850...8800 С. Therefore they are widely used for the production of large springs in railway and heavy haulage vehicles. Partly from this rolled product are also produced cutting blades, stops and guides of shears with a tilting knife.

The most popular profiles are round bar and wire (diameter from 5 to 300 mm), and a square of size from 5x5 to 240x240 mm.

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