CGS - 100CrMn6 - ncms circles, bars, sheets, strips

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Evek GmbH offers to buy a variety of rolled products - circles, sheets, strips, made of tool alloy steels CHGS, 100CrMn6 and NCMS. Sales are realized at the price from the manufacturer. The supplier guarantees adherence to the delivery range and ensures its prompt transportation to the address indicated by the customer.

Chemical composition

Tool steel of deep hardenability of ХГС grade is produced in CIS countries according to GOST 5950 standard. The steel consists of the following components:

  • Carbon - 0.95...1.05%;
  • Silicon - 0.40...0.70%;
  • Manganese - 0.85...1.25%;
  • Chrome - 1.30...1.65%.

The standard allows the presence of sulfur (up to 0.03%) and phosphorus (up to 0.03%) in this steel.

Foreign analogues of HGS steel are 100CrMn6 (produced in Europe according to DIN 17350 norms) and NCMS steel grade melted by Polish metallurgical companies according to requirements of the national standard PN-H-85023. The chemical composition of steel 100CrMn6 is given below for comparison:

Element Carbon Carbon, Manganese Silicon Chrome Copper Nickel
Percent in steel 0,90...1,10 0,90...1,20 0,40...0,70 0,90...1,65 0,08...0,30 0,08...0,30

The sulfur content in the final product is limited to 0.025% in analogues.

Buy a circle, sheet, strip, which are made from high hardenability tool alloy steels grades XGS, 100CrMn6 and NCMS offers the company Evek GmbH. The products are sold at manufacturer's price. The supplier ensures compliance with the assortment of ordered sections, as well as guarantees prompt delivery of rolled products to the customer.

Properties and application

Tool steels of deep hardenability of ХГС, 100CrMn6 and NCMS grades are used in production of abrasion resistant cutting and measuring tools, as well as cutting blades of blanks for cut sections and sheets. Hardness of steels in delivery condition is 240...242 НВ, after hardening - up to 63 HRC.

Heat treatment regimes of the steels of the considered grades are given below:

  • Normalization - 860...9000 С;
  • Strengthening annealing - 760...8000 С;
  • Hardening - 820...8800 С;
  • Annealing for stress relief - 620...6600°C.

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy at producer price rounds, sheets, strips made of tool alloy steels with high hardenability of ХГС, 100CrMn6 and NCMS. The supplier provides timely delivery of rolled products to the address specified by the consumer.