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Composition and properties

AISI 316 cd (1.4580) is an AISI 316 stainless steel that is produced not by rolling, but by cold extrusion of billets produced in the first process stage, which is indicated by the additional cd (cold drawn) designation. This designation indicates a different list of final physical and mechanical properties of the metal from the base metal. On the whole, the chemical composition of the bulk rolled metal is identical to that of the wire rod:

Alloying component Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Molybdenum Nickel Iron
Content, % Not more than 0.08 Not more than 0,75 Not higher than 2,0 16...18 2,0...2,5 10...14 The rest

The European analogue of this steel is stainless steel X1 CrNiMoNb 17-12-2, but a similar chemical composition has a high-alloy steel grade 08Х16Н13М2Б or ЭИ680, produced in accordance with the norms of industry Т. У. Its chemical composition is somewhat different:

Alloying component Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Molybdenum Nickel Iron
Content, % Not more than 0.08 Not more than 0,2 Not more than 1.0 15...17 2,0...2,5 12,5...14,5 The rest

Steel (1.4580) AISI 316 Cd in annealed state is characterized by the following physical and mechanical properties:

  • Ultimate tensile strength, MPa - 517;
  • Ultimate ductility, MPa - 215;
  • Tensile elongation, % - 40;
  • Relative narrowing of cross-section, % - 60;
  • Brinell hardness, - 150. - 150...180;
  • Ultimate degree of deformation under uniaxial strain, % - 28.

It should be noted that the specified parameters correspond to the products, the cross-section of which is within 40...60 mm. For thinner rods and wires (especially with cross-section less than 20 mm) the level of characteristics increases by 15...20% that should be taken into account when designing technological processes for mechanical and especially plastic processing of steel (1.4580) AISI 316 Cd. The level of mechanical characteristics also depends on the shape of cross-section - for tubes the actual values are lower than for bars. The actual values of ductility and deformability are clarified by trial stamping or machining of blanks.


Cold-drawn material grade (1.4580) AISI 316 Cd is used as disks, rings, tubular rods and high-strength fasteners, the operation of which is constantly accompanied by corrosion-mechanical wear and high (up to 500 ...6000 C) temperatures.

If plastic processing for high degrees of deformation is necessary, the initial blanks are annealed. The material is hardened by heating to 1050...11000С in water, followed by tempering. During the hardening process, the steel acquires an austenitic structure. The impact toughness of sheet rolling in the transverse direction is 20% lower than in the longitudinal direction.

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