Copper circle

Qualities of copper circle

Circle is characterized by high manufacturability, it is available for any kind of processing, easy to roll, stamped, soldered, welded. It is workable in the temperature range from --200°C to +250°C. It is characterized by high cost-effectiveness, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, ease of installation, aesthetic appearance, compliance with the most stringent sanitary requirements, recyclability and reusability. Perhaps the only drawback - low strength copper circle, if compared with steel.


Copper rounds - round cross-section bars (GOST 1535-91) are made of copper M1, M1p, M2, M2p, MZ, MZr. Chemical composition is regulated by GOST 859.

Copper circle marking

By method of manufacturing By accuracy By material By special conditions

D cold-deformed (drawn);

D hot-deformed (pressed)

C high,

P elevated;

H normal.

M soft;

P semi-hard;

T hard.

AB for machining on automatic machines;

L mild with increased plasticity; P medium-hard with increased plasticity; R medium-hard with increased strength.

P semi-hard increased plasticity

U solid with increased ductility.

  • ND extra length;
  • FQ in multiples of measured length;
  • BT in coils;

Standard parameters of the circle

Length (in meters) Diameter (in mm)
2 - 5 up to 40
1 - 4 40 - 80
1 - 3 80 - 100
0,5 - 2 Over 100


Copper round serves as a base for non-magnetic parts for instrument engineering and electrical engineering (round M1E grade), for metalworking and machine industry. High corrosion resistance makes copper parts relevant in shipbuilding. It is often used in creating fragments of hulls and conductive structures. It is one of the best materials for non-magnetic, corrosion resistant fittings, spindles, shafts, valves, etc. for water and gas systems.


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