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Non-magnetic heat-resistant tape of 68NKHVKTU-VI grade belongs to precision heat-resistant steels with high elasticity characteristics. It is characterized by high corrosion resistance, can be operated at t ° 500 - 800 ° C in aggressive industrial gases. In calm air at t° 800 °C the oxidation of the tape occurs at a rate of 0.03 mm per year.

General Characteristics

Tape grade 68NKHVKTU-VI is high-tech, available by any methods of machining. Wear resistance, durability, reliability, aesthetic appearance allow to use it in many areas. It is plastic, resistant to oxidation in the atmosphere of nitrogen, ammonia, is indispensable in the manufacture of industrial and household appliances. The main drawback - instability under the influence of sulfur compounds. The relative high cost is due to the high content of nickel - the main component of the alloy. Heat resistance, heat resistance is achieved by alloying components. Nevertheless, it is not worth increasing the alloying rate due to the higher cost of the final product. Technical conditions 14-1-4470-88 regulate the tolerances of the percentage composition.

Percentage composition of 68NKHVKTU-VI tape

Ni Cr V W Ce Si C Fe Mn P Ti Nb Ce Co Al B Cu Ni
55.402 - 63.5 18 - 20 up to 0.2 9 - 10.5 up to 0.05 up to 0.4 up to 0.05 up to 1 up to 0.4 up to 0.015 2.7 - 3.2 up to 0.2 up to 0.05 5.5 - 6.7 1.3 - 1.8 up to 0.003 to 0.07 55.402 - 63.5


Physical properties of the alloy:

Description Designation
- Alloy data acquisition temperature [degrees] - T
- Modulus of elasticity of the 1st kind, [MPa] - E
- Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (at 20°C), [1/Grad] -a
- Specific electrical resistance [Ohm-m] -R -R
- Specific gravity [g/cm3] -r -r
- Heat transfer coefficient [W/(m-grad)] -l -l
- Specific heat capacity (at 20°C), [J/(kg-cold)] -C -C

Mechanical properties:

Description Designation
- Ultimate yield strength (yield strength for permanent deformation) [MPa] sT
- Tensile strength [MPa] sT
- Ratio constriction [ % ] y
- Tensile elongation [ % ] d5
- Brinell hardness, in [MPa] HB
- Impact toughness [ kJ/m2 ] KCU

Magnetic properties :

Description Designation
- Coercive force (within) [ A/m] Hc
- Magnetic permeability (not more than) [ MHN/m] Umax
- Losses (not more than) at frequency 50 Hz and 1.0 Tl [ W/kg ] P1.0/50
- Magnetic induction Tl (not less) at magnetic field strength 100, in magnetic fields [ A/m] B100
- Coercive force (not less), [ A/m] Hc
- Magnetic permeability (not more than), [ MHN/m] Umax
- Losses (not more than) at frequency 50 Hz and 1.0 Tl [ W/kg ] P1.0/50


Designation Description
Limited weldable - Must be preheated to 100-120°C with subsequent heat treatment
no restrictions - No need for preheating and final heat treatment
Difficult to weld - need for preheating to 200-300°C with final heat treatment


Tape 68NKHVKTU-VI is resistant to long-term operation at high temperatures. When heated chrome, silicon, aluminum form protective films on the surface - oxides that protect the parts from further oxidation. This quality makes it very popular in a variety of areas of modern industry: industrial chemistry, metallurgy, energy and instrumentation.


All presented 68NKHVKTU-VI products are certified. The technical documentation includes data on the chemical composition, the limiting percentage of impurities; the mechanical properties of products. From us you can buy in bulk a variety of semi-finished products for large-scale production. We also offer good conditions for retail buyers. You will be satisfied with the level of service and efficiency of service.

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