Titanium carbide

Scope of application of carbide-titanium electrodes. (TiC).

Titanium carbide serves as a base for superhard heat-resistant materials, electrodes of arc industrial lamps, special tools. It is used as an additive to graphite or as a substitute. It is also used for:

- thermocouple sheaths;
- heat-resistant screen of electric furnaces;
- Casings of boats and crucibles, for vacuum evaporation of fusible metals (tin, silver, copper);

- heat-exchange armature;

- abrasive processing of metals and nonmetals, stone, semiconductors, glass, etc;
- diamond tool filler.

TiC is used in electrolysis as an electrode paired with a mercury cathode. The TiC electrode is used to apply sodium amalgam. TiC-electrodes are used for aqueous electrolysis, for electric-oxygen cutting of steel under water - TiC-carbide enables 6-10 times reduction of the electrode consumption in comparison with usual electrodes.

Features of use

When cutting steel, the arc is characterized by light excitation, stable combustion, so the cut is of high quality. By adding titanium carbide to the graphite electrode material, the efficiency of electrolysis increases. If the carbon content in TiC electrode is increased up to 30%, overvoltage and free O2 and H2 release will decrease. The current density will be 10.2 to 10.4 A/cm2. Exceeding the 30% carbon fraction in the electrode does not lead to further reduction of overvoltage. When welding fusible alloys, such as those based on copper or magnesium, the use of TiC electrodes is almost impossible. Refractory tubular electrodes and crucibles are indispensable for vacuum evaporation of fusible metals. Alloys TiN - TiC - Cr are used for coating graphite electrodes of electric furnaces.


TiC for the manufacture of electrodes has the following characteristics: Ti total from 79,2 - to 80%; C sv. from 0,1 to 0,2%; C total from 19,4 to 20,2%; Fe from 0,1 to 0,6%.
The following titanium carbide fractions are produced: F - 320, F360, F400, F500, F600, F800, F1000, F1200.
Titanium alloys supplies are in accordance with GOST 19 807-74.


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