Dural tube

Duralumin, developed by German industry in the early twentieth century, got its name after the small town where the metallurgical plant was located. The German metallurgical engineer Alfred Wilm established that adding 4% of copper to aluminum and hardening the alloy with sharp cooling and holding for 4-5 days leads to almost fivefold hardening of the material.


Dural tube has a hollow profile of round, oval or other cross-section. It is made of aluminium, alloyed with magnesium and copper. Aluminum tubes are produced according to the following State Standards: 18 475-82, 23 697-79 or 18 482-79. Chemical composition is regulated by GOST 4784-97. The pipes are differentiated by manufacturing methods: unplated (supplied without designation) and with normal cladding (А); with technological cladding (B). The manufacturing accuracy is normal, the quality of surface finish is standard. Material can be naturally aged and hardened (marked - T). Hot-pressed pipes without additional heat treatment are not marked additionally. Microstructure of products which have been quenched must not have any traces of burnout. They are tested at the end of heat treatment.

Basic qualities

Dural pipes D16 have low weight, they are quite malleable, easy to mount and spot-welded. Low corrosion resistance increases after cladding with aluminum. Heat treatment is used to harden dural pipe. Through annealing, ductility and tooling are increased and good hardness is provided by cold deformation. Compared to steel, these pipes are much lighter, cheaper and last longer.


Dural metal, dural pipes are used in the production of reliable and lightweight structures. They serve in the creation of food equipment and frameworks for high-speed trains, cars and aircraft. They are also used as elements of facade finishing and special-purpose piping.

Duralumin pipe D16

Diameter, mm Wall Thickness, mm Price, per p.m.
From 6 to 155 From 1 to 12 negotiated

Duralumin D16T pipe

Diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Price, per p.m.
From 6 to 155 From 1 to 12 contractual

Duralumin pipe D16BT, D16AT

Diameter, mm Thickness of wall, mm Price, p.m.
From 6 to 155 From 1 to 12 negotiated


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