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Steel 11Х11Н2В2МФ-sh (EI962-sh) is a chromium-nickel alloy. It contains about 11% chromium, 1.5-2% each of tungsten and nickel, up to 1% molybdenum and vanadium, as well as 0.11% carbon, hundredths of a percent phosphorus and sulfur. This heat-resistant grade refers to high-alloys, which are used for the manufacture of parts operating in unloaded state at high temperatures of 900-1000 degrees.

Percentage composition of GOST 5632-72

Alloy C Ni Si Mn W V Mo Cr S P Fe
11Х11Н2В2МФ 0,09-0,13 1,5-1,8 ≤0,6 0,35-0,5 1,6-2 0,18-0,3 0,35-0,5 10,5-12 ≤0,025 ≤0,03 basis

Comparative characteristics

Grade 11Х11Н2В2МФ-sh belongs to the austenitic ferritic class. This class, when compared to austenitic steel - has higher reliability, resistance to intergranular corrosion, as well as greater resistance to corrosion cracking in alkaline and chloride environments. This steel has welding limitations, i.e. welding is performed after heating t° 100-120°C with mandatory final heat treatment. The use of austenitic and ferritic steels depends on the operating conditions. The former can withstand temperatures of about 600 degrees Celsius for long periods of time. They can be classified as heat-resistant steels. If operating temperatures exceed 600 degrees, austenitic steels are used.

Steel 11Х11Н2В2МФ GOST Tensile strength MPa Yield strength MPa Ratio narrowing % KCU kJ/m2
Bar 5949-75 835-980 735-835 10-12 590-690
Thin sheet 5582-75 830 22

Pipes of grade 11Х11Н2В2МФ-sh have lower nickel content compared to similar products - it strengthens the material and increases its resistance in environments saturated with sulfur. If necessary, grade 11Х11Н2В2МФ-sh can be replaced with similar grades with a reduced percentage of carbon in order to maintain mechanical properties. This steel has a balanced performance on heat resistance and heat resistance, so it is used very widely.


Fully drawn pipes are produced using the seamless method. When welding is used, they are made into electric-welded pipes. Depending on the type of coating, pipes may have matt or polished (mirror) surface. Pipes differ in the ratio of wall thickness to diameter. Pipes with wall thickness of about 0.3-6 mm and Ø 5-250 mm are called extra-thin-walled. Thin-walled pipe has a thickness of 0.6-20 mm at the same diameter. Thick-walled pipe has a wall thickness of 1.6-24 mm and Ø 6-250 mm. Particularly thick-walled tubes are produced with 2-12 mm wall thickness, Ø 6-70 mm.


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