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Seamless pipe KHN60VT (EI 868) is used in various branches of modern industry. For example, in the production of milk, alcohol, chemicals, engines and more. The pipe retains its strength at high temperatures. Welding can be carried out without preheat and final heat treatment. Chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties pipe KHN60VT (sometimes this alloy indicate ВЖ98, ЭИ868, KHN60VT-sh or KHN60VT-VD) reglamentary GOST 5632−72

Chemical composition:

Ni Cr W Fe Ti Si Mn Al With Ca P S
up to 63.2 26.5 13−16 up to 4 0,3−0,7 to 0.8 to 0.5 to 0.5 to 0.1 to 0.05 0,013 0,013

Due to included tungsten raises the temperature of the onset of crystallization, therefore, the softening of hardened material is only possible at extremely high temperatures.


The coefficient of linear expansion of the material equal to 12.7 (1/Deg) при100°C. the Density is 8.8 g/cm3. Limit short-term strength of the pipe does not exceed 690 MPa. Heat treatment of finished pipe, and pick-up bushing roller kilns occurs at a temperature 1180−1200°C with cooling water or air before laying in the foot. During the cold plastic deformation of alloy KHN60VT intensely hardened, therefore, may increase the degree of compression during cold rolling is more than 25−30%, which would entail an adverse effect not operation of the mills. The relative elongation at break of the tube — not more than 30%. C increase in temperature the rate decreases. After 10−40% of the compression the temperature of primary recrystallization is 950−1000°C, at higher temperatures the processes of collective and secondary recrystallization. Primary recrystallization ends to t° 1050 °C.

E 10— 5 a 10 6 Heat Density
Grad MPa 1/Deg W/(m·deg) g/cm3
20 1.9 29,6 8,8  
200 13,2 11,7 8,7  
400 14,1 16.3 Of 8.66  
600 15.1 21.3 8,58  
800 1,12 16 25.5 8,49

Very interesting results gave the study of the causes of raznozernistoy material. Thanks to metallographic and x-ray diffraction methods, clearly established the difference in the kinetics of primary recrystallization of the test sample with an initial large grain from the recrystallization of fine-grained tackle. It was found that in initial samples with large grains are deformed with compression E = 30%, the primary recrystallization does not completely end even after a ten minute soaking at t° 1050 °C, and at a fine-grained initial structure of the process of formation of new grains is almost completed, even during the heat of the oven to the above temperature.


Thanks to the heat resistance and the heat resistance of such a tube is used in the manufacture of parts in mechanical engineering, for example, in the manufacture of combustion chambers or afterburners, operating at temperatures up to 1100 °C. High okalinolomatel allows you to use the tube for the manufacture of turbine components with a short lifespan. Thanks to the anti-corrosion properties of the pipe used in corrosive environments. For example, in construction when laying water pipes or sewers. Such pipes are required in the manufacture or transport of different kinds of chemicals. For example, in the manufacture of paint products, fertilizers, etc Various surface treatment pipe can be widely applied not only in construction but also in architecture, embodying the most daring projects. Advantages of this pipe makes it a highly cost-effective for consumers. The high cost of more than kompensiruet, because the pipe is designed for continuous operation, moreover, the material can be recycled and to save on it.

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