Low-alloy structural steel for welded structures

Evek GmbH offers to buy any range of grades and assortment of low-alloy structural steel for production of welded structures. We offer favourable prices from the manufacturer and prompt delivery of rolled products to any location specified by the customer.


Low-alloy structural steels intended for manufacturing of welded structures are produced in CIS countries according to the requirements of GOST 5058. Their characteristic features are:

  • Low percentage of carbon (no more than 0.15%);
  • Presence of manganese in amount of 0,8...1,80%;
  • Restriction of non-metallic impurities (phosphorus and sulfur) - not more than 0.035%;
  • Mandatory presence of nickel and copper (not more than 0.30%).

The amount of silicon varies depending on the grade: from 0,17 ... 0,37% for steel 09G2, up to 0,50 ... 0,80% for steel 09G2S.

Foreign analogues of GOST 5058 construction steel are as follows: in Europe - steel 17Mn4, which is produced in Germany according to DIN standards, and also steel grades A515/516 Gr.70, which are produced by American steel-melting companies.

The company Evek GmbH offers to buy low-alloy structural construction steel at the price from the manufacturer. The supplier provides strict adherence to the range of supplied products, and its prompt delivery to the address specified by the customer.


Depending on their chemical composition (at typical application temperatures), low-alloy structural steels for welded structures have the following mechanical properties:

  • ultimate tensile strength - 470...670 MPa;
  • yield strength, MPa - 380...520 MPa;
  • Brinell hardness - 165...200 NV.

With increasing temperature strength characteristics are reduced, and the ability of steels to plastic deformation increases.

Evek GmbH offers to buy rolled low-alloy structural steels for welded structures in a wide range of grades and profiles. The prices are from the manufacturer. Supplier guarantees prompt delivery of products to any location specified by the customer.