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Alloy grade KhN28VMAB EP126 is a highly alloyed heat-resistant steel. It contains about 28% nickel and 22% chromium, so it can be called a chromium-nickel alloy. In addition, up to 0.6% silicon, up to 0.02% phosphorus and 1.5% manganese, 5 - 6% tungsten, 2.8 - 3.5% molybdenum and about 0.02% sulfur are used as additives to the charge.

Percentage composition of GOST 5632-72

Alloy С Mn W P S Ni Mo Cr В N Nb Si Fe
CRN28VMAB ≤0.1 ≤1,5 4,8-6 ≤0.02 ≤0.02 25-30 2,8-3,5 19-22 ≤0,005 ≤0,15-0,3 0,7-1.3 ≤0.6 45-47,5


The temperature for forging the semi-finished products is 1170 °C at the beginning and about 850 °C at the end. Finished tubes up to 350 mm in cross-section are air-cooled. CrN28VMAB steel tubes are usually manufactured with a circular cross-section, but oval, rectangular and square cross-sections are produced to order. The scope of use of the pipe divides this product into six main classes. The higher it is, the higher the requirements for heat resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and, therefore, for the composition of the alloy itself, whose merits directly depend on the proportion of constituent elements.


Tubes made of CrN28VMAB steel are classified according to wall thickness and diameter. With wall thickness of 0.3-6 mm and Ø 5-250 mm the tubes are called extra thin-walled. AnchorThin-walled pipes have wall thickness of 0.6-20 mm and Ø 700 5-250 mm. Thick-walled pipes have a wall thickness of 1.6-24 mm and Ø 6-250 mm. Particularly thick-walled pipes are produced with wall thickness of 2-12 mm at Ø6-70 mm.

Tubes thinner than 9 mm are supplied in coils, tubes over 9 mm are supplied in straight lengths, which are subdivided into nominal and measured lengths as well as multiples of measured length. The quality of high-alloyed KhN28VMAB steel enables to produce items of 1-6 m length. The less carbon in the alloy and the lower the quality of the steel, the longer the product length is. Rolled products from 2 to 6 meters are made of carbon and low-alloyed steel of ordinary quality. Quality alloyed carbon steel is used to produce products of any parameters.


First class pipes are used for concealing cables in various constructions, for scaffolding, in the construction of irrigation systems, for local supply of different fluids, for example, in heating systems and water supply systems. Pipes of the second class are used in conditions of high and low pressure, so they can be used in the pipeline for water, oil, gas and a variety of products of industrial petrochemistry. Pipes of the third class of austenitic-ferritic class are used in systems under high pressure, so they are often used in the chemical and nuclear industries, in various boilers and furnaces, for the manufacture of furnace conveyor, the production of boxes for subsequent carburizing. Pipes of class 4 are used as auxiliary and also as drill pipes in various geological prospecting works. The fifth class includes steel pipe used in the manufacture of automobiles, overhead cranes, supports, in the furniture and woodworking industries. The highest pipe class is the sixth, which is used in mechanical engineering, manufacturing of bearings, pistons and other parts operating under increased pressure.

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