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Corrosion-resistant heat-resistant alloy pipe HN65MV nickel base used for the manufacture of welded structures operating in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid environments at high temperatures. These pipes are used in petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper industry for the manufacture of high-pressure pipelines, steam turbines, chemical equipment, coils tubular furnaces for the production of structures of carbon disulfide, ethylene, hydrogen, ammonia and radioactive substances. Such a pipe is used in harsh environments oxidative nature at temperatures ranging from 760 ° C to 1060 ° C. The operating pressure of 3.92 MPa (40 kgf / cm2).

The chemical composition of pipes HN65MV

Ni Mo Cr W Fe Mn Si FROM P S
59,8−67,5 15−17 14,5−16,5 3−4,5 1 1 0.15 0.03 0,015 0.012

Expensive components and high quality materials determine the high price of the tube. But this price is justified by high reliability, especially important in the chemical and petrochemical industry, production of radioactive substances. Work welded structures in aggressive environments, requires strict compliance with safety requirements, so the work is suitable only the highest quality materials, and any savings can cost lives. The diameters of the tubes are in the range 20−180 mm. Other sizes are made to order. Length, as well as the diameter of the pipe depends on the application.


In addition to the elements included in the pipe, it determines the properties of hardening. The tube is heated to a temperature of 1070 ° C, maintained for 5 minutes and rapidly cooled by water or air. This process significantly increases the hardness and strength of the alloy due to hardening of the inner layers. The main advantage of such a pipe — high resistance against corrosion. Therefore, in the manufacturing technology occupy an important place in the corrosion resistance test. Precipitating carried tempering at t ° 800 ° C for half an hour, then the material is placed in boiling 30% sulfuric acid solution for two days.

Basic properties

Mechanical pipe quality, strength values are not inferior to the level of other heat-resistant nickel alloys. This is a very hard material. To cut the pipe you want to work at low speeds in order to avoid work hardening, or use a special tool with carbide inserts. The pipe is available in both cold and hot deformation. Hot plastic deformation is carried out in the temperature range of 1220−950 ° C. Welded pipes usual manual argon welding or electric arc. As an additive used wire HN65MVU. Welds pipes resistant to corrosion and does not form a hot or cold cracks.

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