Titanium Sheet

International Equivalent

Mark Analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
VT1-0 3.7035 R50400 Delivery from the stock, in stock
VT1-00 3.7025 R50250 Delivery from the stock, in stock
OT4-1 Delivery from the stock, in stock
OT4 Delivery from the stock, in stock
OT4-0 Delivery from the stock, in stock
BT6 3.7165 R56200 6AL4V Delivery from the stock, in stock
BT14 Delivery from the stock, in stock

Future is an area of legends about us, argued Marina Tsvetaeva. Of course, titanium sheet will occupy worthy place in these legends.

Special qualities

Sheet titanium has several advantages that bring it to forefront of modern science and technology. It tolerates fatigue stress and exposure to atmospheric or soil moisture. Non-magnetic titanium, corrosion resistant, heat-resistant, does not deteriorate upon prolonged contact with chemically aggressive substances and is resistant to deformation, has low heat conductivity, satisfactory machinability, good ductility and weldability, can be used under conditions of cryogenic cooling. Interaction with atmospheric gases at high t° leads to formation on its surface of strong protective oxide-nitride film. Biological inertness allows use of titanium in medicine and food industry, Significant specific strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance have made it leader among structural materials. Perhaps only drawback is its high cost.

Mechanical properties at 20 o С

Titanium sheet GOST σw δ5 Heat treatment
VT1−00 27 265−87 295 20−30  
VT1−0 27 265−87 375 20−30  
OT4 22 178−76 685 10−20 Annealing
OT4−1 22 178−76 590 13−25 Annealing
VT6 22 178−76 885 8 Annealing
VT-14 2178−76 1080−1180 4−6 Hardening and artificial aging
VT-14 2178−76 835−885 8 Hardening and aging

σv — Short-term strength, [MPa]

δ5 — Elongation at break, [%]


Technically pure sheet titanium of the VT series is used for parts operating at t° up to + 450 °C. It is in demand in mechanical engineering, chemical industry, aviation, rocket and shipbuilding. High-quality VT6 grade sheet titanium has significant specific strength and corrosion resistance, heat resistance (up to + 450 °C), non-magnetic. These qualities give an advantage in aviation in manufacture of fuselage, landing gear, power set, fasteners, wing mechanisms, pylons, hydraulic cylinders, engine parts, in rocket science (lining, mounting parts). In shipbuilding, due to their resistance in sea water, propellers, heat exchangers, and skin are made from VT6. OT sheet titanium is used in chemical industry, aviation, engineering, and Navy. Its surface should be perfect — without roughness, cavities, cracks. OT-4 brand with additives of aluminum and magnesium refers to wrought alloys, can withstand t° + 350 °C for more than 2000 hours. Cold stamping operations. Titanium sheet is well welded by electron beam, argon-arc and resistance welding. Without it, it is impossible to imagine modern petrochemical, gas industry and refineries,


First letters of titanium alloy reflect the name of developer. Mark V. T. means «VIAM» — Titanium, OT — Experienced Titanium, developed jointly by VIAM and Verkhnyaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association — VSMPA. Sheet titanium of improved flatness is marked — U; normal flatness — has no additional designation. High finish is indicated by P, high finish is B. There is no additional designation for normal finishes.

Sheet titanium VT1−0

Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Unit of measurement Price
1 1000x2000, 800x2000, 700x2000 kilogram negotiable
1,5 1000x2000 kilogram negotiable
2 950x1830, 950x1760, 950x1880, 960x1285, 950x1915 kilogram negotiable
3 425x1480, 380x1220 kilogram negotiable
3 430x1360 kilogram negotiable
3 1000x2000, 950x2270, 1000x2210, 1030x2470, 1040x2520, 1020x2490, 1050x2000, 1050x2500, 1050x2220, 1070x2480, 1090x2335, 1070x2520 kilogram negotiable
4 450x1240 kilogram negotiable
4 1000x2000 kilogram negotiable
5 1000x2000 kilogram negotiable
6 1000x2000 kilogram negotiable

Sheet titanium VT20

Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Unit of measurement Price
2,5 600x2000 kilogram negotiable

Sheet titanic OT4

Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Unit of measurement Price
0,8 600x2000 kilogram negotiable


Sheets, grades VT1−00 and VT1−0 up to 2 mm thick are produced up to two meters long. From one to five meters have same sheets with larger thickness — up to 10.5 mm. Chemical composition is standardized by OST 1 90 013−81 or GOST 19 807−74. Sampling for determining chemical composition is stipulated by GOST 24 231−80. Initially, sheet is annealed, and then ironed, straightened and cut at right angle. Edge should be free of coarse burrs. Surface should not have cracks and delaminations, tears and depressions. Billets from alloys VT5−1, VT-6S and VT-20 with thickness of 6−10.5 mm go without finishing edge trimming, taking into account the possibility of subsequent cutting of sheets of required sizes. Surface of such sheet should be etched without depressions, cracks, delaminations, scale, tears.

Delivery form Diameter Length Thickness Width
Titanium circle φ12-φ300 mm 500−5000 mm    
Titanium sheet   700−2000 mm 0.3−15 mm 700−1000 mm
Wire φ 0.5−6 mm      
Delivery form External diameter Length Wall Note
Titanium pipe F2−90 mm 1000−5000 mm 0.3−10 mm Weight of one pipe does not exceed 200 kg

Buy at bargain price

Wide range of high-quality metal products of standard and non-standard sizes are available at warehouse of LLC Elektrovek-steel. We supply titanium sheet and titanium plate wholesale and retail at optimal prices. All products have quality certificate on compliance with requirements of standards and technical operating conditions. Certificate indicates manufacturer, grade of alloy, mechanical properties, chemical composition and results of additional tests, Company has ability to cut sheet according to specified sizes. Fulfillment of orders — in shortest possible time. Wholesale buyers receive preferential discounts.