Duralumin (duralumin) is an alloy of aluminum, copper and magnesium. Diameter and length of duralumin circle is regulated by GOST 21 488-97. Alloys of grade B95 and D16 are used. Chemical composition is normalized GOST 4784-97, chemical composition control - GOST 24 231-80. Duralumin circle is made of high, normal and high accuracy.

General characteristics

Circle made of B95 alloy is distinguished by plasticity, it is easily processed and spot-welded. Low corrosion resistance increases after cladding with pure aluminum. Heat treatment is used to harden a wheel. Annealing increases ductility, and cold deformation ensures good hardness. Microstructure of products after hardening must not have any traces of overburning. They are tested at the end of heat treatment. Circle grade D16 significantly hardens by heat treatment, but with increasing hardness lost ductility. Marking D16T means a hardened and naturally aged alloy. From such a circle to produce a heavy-duty construction, which works in compression


Dural circle is widely used by transport engineering, construction. The main advantage of the material is high specific strength at low weight. It is relevant in the construction of aircraft, river and sea transport. Such a circle serves as the basis for aircraft frames, car bodies, as well as building structures.

Circle of duralumin B95

Diameter, mm Unit of measure Price
From 30 to 290 kg negotiated

Circle of duralumin B95T1

Diameter, mm Unit of measure Price
From 20 to 100 kg negotiated

Circle of duralumin D16

Diameter, mm Unit of measure Price
From 50 to 500 kg negotiated

Circle of duralumin D16T

Diameter, mm Unit of measure Price
From 8 to 160 kg negotiated


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