Stainless sheet


Today, industrial production cannot do without stainless steel rolling. And one of the paramount values is stainless steel sheet. It is used in mechanical engineering, automotive industry, electrical engineering. Power industry, metallurgy, chemical production today need high-strength heat-resistant sheet, resistant to aggressive environment. And medicine, food and textile industry use especially plastic stainless steel sheet that is characterized by biological inertness. Such sheet is easy to use, has high wear resistance, and does not require repair or replacement for a long time. In comparison with rolled ferrous metals, stainless sheets have the same strength, they weigh less, are easily subjected to any processing, and do not require protective coating.


Production is regulated by GOST 5582-75, 19 904-74 (thin sheet); GOST 7350-77, 19 904-74 and 19 903-74 (thick sheet). Each steel sheet undergoes several technological steps to improve its strength properties and durability. It is produced by cold-rolled or hot-rolled method. The thickness of cold-rolled sheet is 0.4-5 mm, hot-rolled - 2-50 mm.


Depending on the composition of the starting material and surface treatment, sheets are divided into decorative (etched), brushed, polished (mirror), matte, oxidized, etc. Hot-rolled steel sheet is divided by rolling accuracy into: A - increased and B - normal accuracy. Flatness is classified as follows: PO - especially high flatness, HV - high and PN - normal. Cold-rolled steel sheets for general purposes have 2 degrees of stretching - G (deep) and H (normal); and 3 degrees of surface quality. Cold-rolled steel sheet for cold-forming has 4 degrees of quality. Perforated or corrugated stainless steel sheet is the most popular type of flat stainless steel sheet. It is supplied in flat sheets or rolls up to 4 mm thick.


In construction - when cladding facades of buildings and interior design in high-tech style. Perforated and corrugated sheets are ideal for anti-slip coatings on stairs. Stainless steel sheet 12X18H10T has particularly high requirements. It is made from high quality steel and is resistant to high temperature, atmospheric and soil corrosion, the action of aggressive environment; it is used in mechanical engineering, metallurgy, industrial chemistry. Sheet 10Х17Н13М2Т (the most popular brand of global steel rolled steel) has similar properties, it is the material for the production of parts and assemblies that can reliably operate at high temperatures in aggressive environments in the production of inorganic acids. Stainless steel sheet 20X23H18 has inherited all the advantages of high-alloy steel of which it is made. It is characterized by resistance to corrosion and heat resistance up to 1000 °C. Suitable for the manufacture of furnace equipment, combustion chambers, guide vanes, bandages, forgings.

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Evek GmbH has a wide range of high quality rolled steel products in stock. Stainless steel sheet, the price of which depends on product parameters and steel grade, may be supplied in coils (sheet thickness up to 4 mm) or sheets. Ground and polished sheets are supplied in a protective film. If the product shows signs of burnishing, it can also be used in industrial production or as a cold-rolled billet. The technical documentation includes data on the chemical composition and properties of steel, the limiting percentage of impurities; the mechanical properties of the products. Additionally we offer sheet cutting, packing, waterjet welding, bending and rolling, powder coating and punching. Implementation of orders - in the shortest possible time. Wholesalers receive preferential discounts.