Structural steel

Evek GmbH company offers to buy constructional steel GOST 1050 (CIS countries) at an economical price from the manufacturer, the supplier will provide the desired range and grade of the supplied metal, with delivery to the address specified by the buyer.

Features of chemical composition

General use structural steels are produced in accordance with technical requirements of GOST 1050, and their foreign counterparts - according to EN 10025, DIN 1016 and DIN 17100 German standards. The equivalent steel produced in the USA complies with ASTM A569 requirements.

The common features of steels in this group are:

  1. 1. tighter tolerances for percentage of carbon.
  2. 2. 0.17 to 0.37% silicon.
  3. 3. 0.35 to 1.2% manganese (lower values correspond to structural steels with reduced carbon content).
  4. 4. Up to 0.35% each of elements such as nickel, chromium, and copper.
  5. As unavoidable metallurgical impurities in the composition of structural steels, there is also sulfur and phosphorus, the amount of which should not be more than 0.035...0.04%.
  6. Structural steels are well amenable to all types of heat treatment - annealing, normalization, hardening and tempering. If the carbon content is up to 0.2%, the steels can be successfully cemented and cyanidized.
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  8. Physical and mechanical properties and application
  9. The strength values of structural steels are determined by the percentage of carbon content. For low carbon steels, the strength and ductility ranges from 340...420 MPa and 210...250 MPa, respectively. For medium-carbon steels - 500...610 MPa and 300...360 MPa. For high-carbon ones - 600...1000 MPa and 400...900 MPa. Brinell surface hardness depends on the regime of previous heat treatment, and may be from 137 NV - for steel 10, to 285 NV - for steel 75.
  10. Typical parts made of structural steels:
  11. - rivets, coupling bodies, shafts - for steels 10,20;
  12. - rods, traverses, levers - for steels 30, 40;
  13. - gears, gear wheels, high-strength bolts - steels 45,50;
  14. - running wheels of crane mechanisms with higher wear resistance - steels 60,75.
  15. The machinability of steels by cutting and pressure, and also weldability decrease with increase in percentage of carbon.
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