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Main properties

Titanium welding wire SPT-2sv is produced in degassed and etched state. Its ovality shall not exceed the tolerance limits. The surface of the wire must be clean, light-colored, without any hues of pale color, unetching or dark spots. Traces of broach, small risks, rolls to a depth not exceeding those shown in the table are allowed.

Alloy grade: Classification: Industrial use:
SPT-2 svt. Wrought titanium alloy welding wire production

Percentage composition of SPT-2cw alloy according to GOST 27 265-87

Si C Fe V Al Ti N H O Zr Impurities
≤0.1 ≤0.05 ≤0.15 2.5 - 3.5 3.5 - 4.5 89.36 - 92.7 ≤0.04 ≤0.003 ≤0.12 1 - 2 others 0.3

Note: Alloy 5B is based on titanium and its content is about 89.36 - 92.7%.

Mechanical characteristics of SPT-2sv titanium welding wire (temperature 20°C).

Assortment Size E.g.
Welding titanium wire GOST 27 265-87 13 645-845

Physical characteristics of the alloy SPT-2sv.

kg/m3 Ohm-m J/(kg-grad) Grad W/(m-grad) 1/Grad MPa
4505 20 8.2 1.12
540 100 l a 10 6
r R 10 9 C T 18.85 E 10- 5

Physical property labeling:

Description Designation
- Alloy data acquisition temperature [degrees] - T
- Modulus of elasticity of the 1st kind, [MPa] - E
- Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (at 20°C), [1/Grad] -a
- Specific electrical resistance [Ohm-m] -R -R
- Specific gravity [g/cm3] -r -r
- Heat transfer coefficient [W/(m-grad)] -l -l
- Specific heat capacity (at 20°C), [J/(kg-cold)] -C -C

Marking of mechanical properties:

Description Designation
- Limit of proportionality (yield strength for permanent deformation) [MPa] sT
- Tensile strength [MPa] sT
- Ratio constriction [ % ] y
- Tensile elongation [ % ] d5
- Brinell hardness, in [MPa] HB
- Impact toughness [ kJ/m2 ] KCU


Designation Description
limited weldable - Must be preheated to 100-120°C with subsequent heat treatment
no restrictions - No need for preheating and final heat treatment
Difficult to weld - need for preliminary heating to 200-300°C with final heat treatment


The ovality of titanium wire must not exceed the limit deviation.

SPT-2sv wire diameter. The depth of penetration of defects in SPT-2sv wire must not exceed
1,0 -
1,2 -
1,4 -
1,6 0,4
1,8 0,4
2,0 0,4
2,5 0,5
3,0 0,5
3,5 0,6
4,0 0,6
5,0 0,7
6,0 0,8
7,0 0,8

Note. Individual defects are possible on the surface for wire diameters up to 3 mm - up to 0.1 mm. At Ø > 3 mm - up to 0.2 mm. During metallographic control, the number of macro-shears with exceeding the depth of defects should not exceed 10%. The defects or surface impurities can be repaired by etching Individual coils can be etched and re-degassed.


The wire is supplied in coils with an outer diameter of up to 900 mm. Such wire should not have splayed turns or bends over 100°. Curliness of the wire after annealing is not considered to be a defect. The weight of the coil is up to 50 kg. If the coil is made up of several parts, length of each part should not be less than 10 m.

The coil is tied up tightly with a soft titanium wire in three places and packed into a clean paper, wrapped with sacking or synthetic cloth, or polyethylene film with thickness according to GOST 10 354-82 100 - 200 mcm without paper wrapping. Packed coil is tied up with twine according to the normative documentation.

Mechanical characteristics of the welding wire should meet the requirements specified in the table.

Grade of titanium alloy Tensile strength b MPa (kgf/sq.m.) Wire diameter, in mm Relative elongation b, %, min
СПТ-2св 1.6 to 7.0 incl. 645-845 (66-86) 13,0


Coil label indicates:

- wire grade;

- The manufacturer and his trademark:

- No. of melting and batch;

- date of manufacture;

- GOST designation.

- availability of technical control;

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