Lead babbitt


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Technical characteristics

The anti-friction property is given to them by their heterogeneous structure - solid particles that serve as a bearing support, enclosed in a soft base of lead or tin. This will give the bearings a uniform fit and run-in to the shafts, low friction and wear resistance.

Percentage composition of B16

Fe As Al Pb Cu Sb Zn Sn Bi
≤0.1 ≤0,3 ≤0.01 63.34 - 68.5 1,5 - 2 15 - 17 ≤0.15 15 - 17 ≤0.1
  • increased ductility at an operating temperature of 100 °C;
  • rotation speed of movable unit - 60 m/sec;
  • loads: 150 kgf/cm2 (static), 500 kgf/cm2*sec (dynamic)
  • friction coefficient - 0,25 (without lubrication), 0,006 (with lubrication);
  • pouring thickness - more than 0,99 mm.


Stored in covered warehouses or under a roof, which provides adequate protection from all kinds of damage.

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