Copper-tungsten pseudo-alloys

Technical characteristic

To create an alloy of copper with tungsten classic method of metal alloying is impossible because of the huge differences in their technological parameters. The melting point of tungsten is 3380 °C, while copper boils at t° 2567 °C. The alloy has a high temperature resistance, wear resistance, resistance to high loads and excellent electrical conductivity.


The invention relates to powder metallurgy. Tungsten powder is mixed with rosin 0,5-1,5;% or ammonium citrate 0,05-0,15%. The mixture is pressed, the resulting porous billet is brought into contact with copper. Carry out heat treatment with a gradual rise in temperature, first in a vacuum to remove the binder and the melting of copper, and then in argon up to 1360-1410 ° C. The technical result is an increase in wettability and uniformity of impregnation. The disadvantage of these methods is the need for additional pressure during sintering, which makes the process of obtaining products more expensive.


Production of electrical contacts, screens protecting against radioactive radiation.


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