Tantalum woven mesh

Technical Characteristics

The metal tantalum has a valuable combination of high emissivity and heat resistance. It readily absorbs gases to maintain vacuum in electrovacuum devices. The refractory metal tantalum has valuable qualities such as heat resistance, hardness, ductility. Its main physical parameters are:

Molar mass specific gravity melting point melting point
181 g/mol; 16.65 g/cm³ 2996 °C; 24.7 kJ/kg.

Weave pattern.

Canvas and twill weave. Wire thickness 0.05 - 0.3 mm.


Tantalum mesh is often used in power generation, nuclear power, instrumentation, industrial chemistry and. petrochemistry, in the production of artificial silk, .


The most common alloys of tantalum with niobium, tungsten and molybdenum. They have proven excellent in the production of special materials.

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