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The development of the refining industry involves the use of special equipment and pipes with high quality and performance requirements. After all, oil pipes used for laying pipelines, drilling wells and pumping important industrial fuel work in harsh conditions under the constant influence not only of aggressive environments, but also of harsh weather conditions.


The production of oil pipes involves the use of high quality steels that are resistant to corrosion damage. Depending on the purpose of this or that type of pipes, semi-finished products may be subjected to additional heat treatment, strengthening with special additives or application of protective coatings on the finished product, capable of increasing the service life of pipes and resistance to destruction.

The size range of such products is presented in a fairly wide range (from one hundred and fourteen to five hundred and thirty millimeters in diameter) and is regulated by regulatory documents. And the state standards for such products stipulate not only diameters of pipes, but also the thickness of their walls.

Pipes for oil purposes are quite responsible parts, so their production requires increased attention to both the quality of sheet metal designed for such products, and to strict compliance with the technological process. It is preferable to use for the oil industry products manufactured by hot deformation method, without welded seams. Manufacturing technology involves controlling not only the overall condition of the semi-finished product, but also its structure at the macro- and microscopic level. Then measured blanks are cut to measured lengths. Then, after the preliminary marking of the part center, the semi-finished product is heated in a special furnace (3-zone unit with a stepping floor). Then the product is stitched into a hollow structural sleeve and rolled out into a draft finished tube. The finished tube is calibrated and reduced, after which its main characteristics - diameter and wall thickness - are controlled.


Such pipes are used not only for laying gas or oil pipelines, but are also suitable for the installation of domestic water pipelines. The main advantage of such products is their high corrosion resistance and durability due to the exclusive manufacturing technology and the use as a material of high strength steels alloyed with additional chemical elements.

During operation, these products require constant monitoring of the state of the surface. Many laboratory tests from ultrasonic defectoscopy to metallographic examination of the defective sections are involved. The main operational characteristics of the oil pipes are permanently improved by regular revision of the normative documentation and optimization of the production technology. Thanks to this fact the durability and service life of the tubular products increases.

Mechanical characteristics of casing material

Strength category Tensile strength, MN/m² (kg/mm²) Yield strength, Mn/m²(kg/mm²) Elongation, %
А 411,9 (42) 245,2 (25) 25
С 539,4 (55) 313,8 (32) 18
Д 637,4 (65) 372,6 (38) 16
К 686,5 (70) 490,3 (50) 12
Е 635,5 (75) 539,4 (55) 12
Л 931,6 (95) 637,4 (65) 12
М 980,6 (100) 735,5 (75) 12


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