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Would you like to buy a tube, bar, circle made of 17G1S, S355J2G3, 1.0570 steels? Evek GmbH is ready to offer bar and tube products of these steels at the manufacturer's price, with delivery to the location specified by the customer.

Evek GmbH offers a wide range of bar products, rounds and tubes of low-alloy steels 17G1S, S355J2G3, 1.0570. The supplier guarantees a favorable price from the manufacturer, the products are promptly delivered to the point set by the customer.

Chemical composition

Domestic steel 17G1S belongs to the group of low-alloy steels for the production of building structures. The composition of steel, regulated by the requirements of GOST 19281 and GOST 5520, is shown in the following table:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Chrome Copper Arsenic
Presence in steel, % 0,15...0,20 0,40...0,60 1,15...1,60 Up to 0.30 Up to 0.30 Up to 0.30 0.08

GOST allows for bound and free nitrogen content in steel not exceeding 0.008%. There are also non-metallic impurities - sulfur and phosphorus. Their quantity is limited by 0.035% for phosphorus and 0.04% for sulfur.

All foreign analogues of this steel are included in the group of construction steel. They include S355J2G3 and 1.0570 grades. S355J2G3 steel is produced by Western European steelmaking industry in accordance with European standard EN 10025. In the USA and similar steel is known as 1.0570, and is produced in accordance with ASME/SA standards.

Foreign counterparts have a slightly different chemical composition than steel 17G1S, as can be seen in the table below (the data correspond to steel 1.0570):

Element Carbon Silicon Carbon, silicon Sulfur Phosphorus
Presence in steel, % Up to 0,20...0,22 Up to 0.55 Up to 1.60 Up to 0.040 Up to 0.040

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy a bar, a circle, a tube of low-alloy steel grades 17G1S, S355J2G3, 1.0570. Supplier provides cost-effective manufacturer price, timely delivery of rolled products to the consumer is guaranteed.

Properties and application

Siliceous-manganese steels 17G1S, S355J2G3, 1.0570 are used for producing parts of pipelines working at high temperature differentials (from -400 up to +4700 C) and high pressure of transported media. Steels are also used for the production of housing products for road construction equipment and welded structures for power transmission lines. Steels are well welded, insensitive to tempering stresses, well processed by machine tools and equipment for metal forming.

The main physical and mechanical parameters of these steels:

  • Ultimate strength, MPa - 490...630;
  • yield strength, MPa - 315...340;
  • Relative elongation, % - 14...20;
  • Impact toughness, kJ/m2 - 23 ... 27.

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