Aluminum rolled products (EN)

general characteristics

Aluminum — lightweight metal with high mechanical and corrosion properties. With heat treatment (peening, annealing, quenching, natural aging or artificial) and alloying of aluminum alloys produce different grades. Main alloying elements: magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc and silicon. Aluminium is used for the cladding, it is part of a large number of non-ferrous alloys. Thanks to it, increases the ductility of materials and their corrosion resistance. Aluminium produced by electrolysis of solution of alumina in molten cryolite. After the electrolytic refining disappear impurities, metal gets maximum cleanliness. Then it is poured into ingots, or bars, of which produce the necessary parts cold or hot method.


Rolled aluminum has a low specific weight, easily molded, processed, soldered or welded. Characterized by high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, ductility, toughness and fire resistance, resistance to low temperatures, easily recyclable. Aluminum structures are capable of for a long time without repair costs, they are unpretentious to the conditions of operation. They are characterized by a good ability to withstand long-term static load. All this allows us to use them for the construction or modernization of various facilities.


Aluminium used in transport engineering for the production of parts of vessels, vehicles and aircraft; petrochemical, electrical and household sector. This metal is present in cans, dishes and vacuum packing for the food industry. Also because it produces building materials, design, camera housing, mobile phones, and so on. D. Because it is easy to make any workpiece shapes and complex details of the customer’s design. Aluminium produces the following types of rolled products — beam, circle, plate, wire, pipe, profile, angle, bus, channel.

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