Centrifugal casting

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Characteristics of the method

The centrifugal casting method is used to produce castings with the shape of bodies of rotation from casting alloys of aluminum, bronze, titanium, etc. Liquid metal is poured into a mold spun to a speed of about 3,000 revolutions per minute. Due to the centrifugal acceleration, the melt spreads evenly over the inner surface of the mold, and a casting is formed when it cools down. The method makes it possible to obtain two-layer workpieces, with different metals being poured into the mold in succession. Cooling of the workpiece under the action of centrifugal acceleration gives the material a compacting effect. This type of casting allows internal cavities to be produced without the use of cores. The percentage of quality castings using machines with horizontal axes of rotation. is 95%.

Advantages of centrifugal casting

The method offers a number of advantages often unattainable by other methods, these are: high wear resistance, maximum metal density, absence of gas bubbles, slag inclusions.

Centrifugal casting range

Titanium and nickel are used for manufacturing inserts, washers, conical and cylindrical bushings, nuts, thrust pads, disks, etc . The following body shape castings are in great demand: bushings, sleeves, worm wheel hubs, drums for paper machines, rotors for electric motors.


Centrifugal casting is indispensable in industries such as mechanical engineering and metallurgy, mining, pulp and paper, processing industry, automotive, shipbuilding and military-industrial complex.

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