1.4024 - aisi 403 pipe, wire, circle

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Evek GmbH offers a wide range of AISI 403 (1.4024) stainless steel profiles and pipes at an attractive price for customers. Here you can buy the metal with delivery to any point, which will be specified by the customer

Composition and properties

AISI 403 (1.4024) stainless steel with high chromium content is a corrosion resistant mild steel containing fine carbides. This steel is produced in accordance with ASTM standards and has the following chemical composition after melting in electric arc furnaces:

Alloying element Percentage
C 0,12...0,17
Si Not more than 1.0
Mn Not more than 1,0
Cr 12,0...14,0
Fe Basis

In addition to the above chemical elements in the steel AISI 403 (1.4024) are present such metallurgical impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur. The manufacturer by technological methods reduces the content of these impurities to the following values: for sulfur: 0,030%, for phosphorus - 0,045%.

This steel grade has no analogue in the European standard UNS, but there is a domestic analogue close enough in its properties, which is stainless steel grade 15X12. This steel is produced according to the specifications of GOST 5632, and has a chemical composition, which is given in the following table:

Alloying element Content
C Not more than 0.15
Si Not more than 0.8
Mn Not more than 0,8
Cr 11,0...13,0
Fe Basis

After the second metallurgical treatment the corrosion-resistant AISI 403 (1.4024) steel has the following physical and mechanical properties:

  • Ultimate ductility, MPa, not higher than 312;
  • Tensile strength, MPa, not more than 481;
  • Tensile elongation not lower than 41%;
  • Tensile stress no lower than 41%; Tensile stress in cross section no lower than 34%;
  • Brinell hardness is 33 units (scale B).

This material lends itself well to various types of heat treatment. For example, annealing can be carried out, the purpose of which is to increase the ductile volume of rolled steel. The annealing process is carried out in the temperature range of 600 to 6500 C, followed by slow cooling of the material. Bars and wires made of AISI 403 (1.4024) can be deformed well at room temperature, and tubes of this steel are easy to weld using conventional solutions. Wires made of the steel in question can be subjected to multi-transition drawing, followed by high-speed multi-position extrusion on automated equipment. In the process of cold drawing with considerable deformation, the steel is hardened, so it is reasonable to provide for a softening annealing between the transitions of the bulk forging.


Rolled steel - pipes, rods, wires - from stainless steel AISI 403 (1.4024) is used for the manufacture of parts such as bodies of rotation (bushings, axles, cylinders , etc.), which are installed in high-temperature equipment units that operate at high pressures and temperatures, as well as in corrosive environments. The steel is used in metallurgical units, air purification and compressor units where durability at temperatures up to6000 C is required. Volumetric rolled products made from this steel are used to manufacture critical chemical engineering products, as well as in pipelines that are pumping chemically active media.

It is profitable to buy bars, tubes or wires made of stainless steel AISI 403 (1.4024), because the supply is made in a wide range and at prices from the manufacturer. Evek GmbH guarantees the high quality of products, and the availability of the appropriate certificate for each batch of purchased rolled metal products.