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Alloy 33NK with average TKHR (6,0-9,0)-10-6 1/°С in the temperature range from -70 to + 470°C is designed for coupling with mica, ceramic, glass of grade C 72-4. 33NK and 33NK-VI are not allowed to be used in modernized or newly designed equipment since 01.01.91. Melting temperature of the alloy is about 1450 °C. It is referred to high-alloys on the basis of iron, copper, nickel, niobium and cobalt. It has unique physical and technical properties (thermal, elastic, magnetic, electrical), due to its balanced chemical composition, thoroughness of production and processing, absence of unnecessary impurities.


The sphere of innovative technologies, precision instrumentation, manufacture of precision electronic sensors, household appliances, laser optics, measuring metrology equipment, computer memory components, microphone cores, magnetic antennas.

Percentage composition

Si C Fe Mn P S Ni Co
up to 0.3 up to 0.05 48.22 - 51 up to 0.4 up to 0.015 up to 0.015 32.5 - 33.5 16.5 - 17.5

Physical properties of the alloy 33 NK.

MPa Grad 1/Grad J/(kg-grad) kg/m3 W/(m-grad) Ohm-m
E 10- 5 T a 10 6 C r l R 10 9
1.42 20 8200 420

Mechanical properties of alloy 33NK at 20 °C.

Product range Size sT sT in e.g. KCU y d5 Heat treatment.
- mm MPa MPa - kJ/m2 % % -
Tungsten carbide tapes, GOST 14 080-78 930


Physical properties of the alloy:

Description Designation
- Alloy data acquisition temperature [Grad] - T
- Modulus of elasticity of the 1st kind, [MPa] - E
- Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (at 20°C), [1/Grad] -a
- Specific electrical resistance [Ohm-m] -R -R
- Specific gravity [g/cm3] -r -r
- Heat transfer coefficient [W/(m-grad)] -l -l
- Specific heat capacity (at 20°C), [J/(kg-cold)] -C -C

Mechanical properties:

Description Designation
- Ultimate yield strength (yield strength for permanent deformation) [MPa] sT
- Tensile strength [MPa] sT
- Ratio constriction [ % ] y
- Tensile elongation [ % ] d5
- Brinell hardness, in [MPa] HB
- Impact toughness [ kJ/m2 ] KCU

Magnetic properties :

Description Designation
- Coercive force (within) [ A/m] Hc
- Magnetic permeability (not more than) [ MHN/m] Umax
- Losses (not more than) at frequency 50 Hz and 1.0 Tl [ W/kg ] P1.0/50
- Magnetic induction Tl (not less) at magnetic field strength 100, in magnetic fields [ A/m] B100
- Coercive force (not more), [ A/m] Hc
- Magnetic permeability (not more than), [ MHN/m] Umax
- Losses (not more than) at frequency 50 Hz and 1.0 Tl [ W/kg ] P1.0/50


Designation Description
Limited weldable - Must be preheated to 100-120°C with subsequent heat treatment
no restrictions - No need for preheating and final heat treatment
Difficult to weld - Preheating to 200-300°C with final heat treatment necessary


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