Copper fitting


With the help of copper fittings installation of the fragments of pipe systems is greatly simplified. Such fittings guarantee a reliable connection of copper pipes with each other or with other fittings fragments. The following types of copper fittings are on sale: connecting transitions, couplings and elbows, copper tees.

Production .

Copper fittings are made of copper grades M1, M2 or M3 with the percentage composition is normalized according to GOST 859-2001. For production is used strip welding, hot or cold deformation of ingots. Standard production: GOST R 52 922-2008 - fittings for capillary soldering; GOST R 52 948-2008 - fittings for connecting pipes by pressing. Internal, end and external surfaces of products are light, clean, with metallic luster. Fittings should not have sharp edges, burrs, cracks, cavities or delaminations.

Copper reducers are usedto connect pipes of different diameters. Concentric reducers have a shape of a truncated cone, and eccentric reducers have a rectangular triangular cross-section. According to the production method transitions are subdivided into welded and pressed.

Copper tees undersoldering. Shape: three-fold, single-fold, equal-pass and transitional. Material: copper grade M1, Ø from 6 to 108 mm.

Copper bends. Shape: double-faucet, single-faucet. Bend angle of bends: 45, 90 and 180 degrees. Material: copper grade M1, M2, M3, Ø from 6 to 108 mm.


Installation of household water supply systems, steam heating, gas supply, water treatment plants and sewage. Copper fittings are actual in construction, engineering, electricity, housing and communal services. They meet the highest requirements for reliability and durability, can withstand high pressure and alternating loads. By means of tees copper pipelines can be branched in any direction. In the transition tees have different diameters of holes through the neck and body, but the equal-through tees have the same.


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