Spring and spring steel

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Composition and properties

The group of spring steels is numerous - most often such products are made of 65G steel, but rolled products are also made of other steel grades of similar purpose, such as unalloyed steel 70, 55C2, 60C2, 70G, as well as light and medium-alloyed 60C2A, 50XFA.

As an example we consider the composition and properties of rolled steel made of unalloyed steel 70G GOST 14979, which has the following chemical composition:

Component Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Nickel Copper
Presence in steel, % 0,67...0,75 0,17...0,37 0,9...1,2 Not more than 0.25 Not more than 0.25 0.25 0.25 Not more than 0.20

The closest foreign counterparts of this steel are: in the USA and Canada - steel G15720, in Europe - steel 80Mn4. The composition of these steels differs in increased manganese content (up to 1.5-4.0%) as well as different carbon contents (steel G15720 has not more than 0.72%, while steel 80Mn4, on the contrary, has about 0.8%).

The main physical and mechanical properties of steel 70G:

  • Ultimate tensile strength, MPa - 1030 (the data corresponds to the pressed metal, for the normal state of delivery this parameter does not exceed 750...800 MPa);
  • Plasticity limit, MPa - 800...835;
  • Relative elongation at uniaxial tension, % - 7...15% (lower values are for annealed metal);

Annealed rolled products may be quenched at 820...8400 C in oil, followed by high tempering (at 460...4700 C).


The forgings, ingots and rolled products of steel grade 70 G are used as billets for the production of critical parts and components for conveying equipment. This steel is used in particular for production of travel wheels for cranes and bogies, rollers for slewing gear, irresponsible spring washers.

Steel 70G does not weld well and for satisfactory machining it is desirable to use carbide cutting tools.

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