3X3M3F - 32CrMoV12-28 - 1.2365 - Wlv circle, bar, forging

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Want to buy a bar, a circle, forgings from steels 3X3MF, 32CrMoV12-28 (1.2365), W1U at an affordable price? Evek GmbH company guarantees prompt delivery of rolled products to the consumer in strict compliance with the product mix and delivery profile

Evek GmbH sells circles, bars and forgings at producer price, made of alloy tool steels 3X3MF, 32CrMoV12-28 (1.2365), W1U. The supplier guarantees the performance of the product range and ensures prompt delivery to the location specified by the customer.

Chemical composition

Tool alloyed steel grade 3Х3МФ is produced in CIS countries according to GOST 5950 standard. The composition of the steel is given in the table below:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium
Percentage content in steel 0,27...0,34 0,20...0,40 0,30...0,50 2,80...3,50 0,40...0,60 0,30...0,50

The standard limits the percentage of metallurgical impurities - sulfur and phosphorus: they must not be more than 0.030%.

The steel grade 32CrMoV12-28 (1.2365) produced by European steelmaking companies according to DIN 17350 should be mentioned among the foreign analogues of this steel. A similar steel in its composition is produced in Great Britain under the brand W1U. The following is a comparison of the chemical composition of 32CrMoV12-28 (1.2365):

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium
Percentage content in steel 0,28...0,35 0,10...0,40 0,15...0,45 2,70...3,20 2,60...3,00 0,40...0,70

Company Evek GmbH offers to buy at producer price rounds, bars and forgings, made of alloy tool steels 3Х3МФ, 32CrMoV12-28 (1.2365), W1U. Supplier provides fulfillment of delivery assortment and operative transport of products to the point specified by the customer.

Properties and application

3Х3МФ steel and its foreign analogues are applied for making separate parts of molds for nonferrous metals casting under pressure,
For the production of cutting tools that operate at low cutting speeds: taps, hand reamers, dies etc .

The main physical and mechanical characteristics of the steels under consideration:

  • tensile strength, MPa - 1460;
  • yield strength, MPa - 1280;
  • Highest hardness after hardening, HRC - 57...58;
  • Hardness after annealing, HB - 240.

Evek GmbH realizes rounds, bars and forgings made of alloyed tool steels 3Х3МФ, 32CrMoV12-28 (1.2365), W1U at producer price. Timely delivery of products to the address specified by the customer is provided.