CVG - 105WCr6 - 1.2419 circle, rod, sheet, strip

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The company Evek GmbH offers to buy a bar, a circle, a sheet, a strip made of the tool steels CHVG and 105WCr6 (1.2419) at a favorable price from the manufacturer. The supplier provides the performance of the assortment of supply of rolled products, guarantees its rapid transportation to the address specified by the customer.

Chemical composition

In CIS countries the tool carbon steel of HVG grade of deep hardenability is produced according to the technical requirements of GOST 5950. The steel composition includes:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Tungsten
Percentage content in steel, % 0,95...1,05 0,15...0,35 0,80...1,10 0,90...1,20 1,20...1,60

The percentage of metallurgical impurities - sulfur and phosphorus - should not exceed 0,030% for each of these elements.

An analogue of the steel in question is produced abroad - steel 105WCr6 (1.2419). In accordance with LH 823, this steel contains:

Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Chrome Tungsten
Percentage in steel, % Up to 1.05 Up to 0.25 Up to 0.96 Up to 1.00 Up to 1,15

Evek GmbH offers to buy bars, rounds, sheets, strips made of steel grades CHVG or 105WCr6 (1.2419). Supplier guarantees economical price from manufacturer. Timely delivery of rolled products to the address specified by the customer is provided.

Properties and application

XVG and 105WCr6 (1.2419) steels are noted for their better dimensional accuracy at ambient temperatures and are used in the manufacture of high-precision measuring tools and low-load working parts for cold sheet die forging. After hardening the steel acquires hardness up to 63 HRC, hardness after annealing is 250...255 N. B. The other parameters of the steels under consideration are given below:

  • Modulus of elasticity, GPa - 210;
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient, W/mK - 30;
  • The coefficient of linear thermal expansion at a temperature of up to1000 C, C-1 is 12.6x10-6;
  • The recommended temperature range forging, 0 C - 850 ... 1050.

Buy bars, rounds, sheets, strips of tool alloy steels CHVG or 105WCr6 (1.2419) at economical producer price offers the company Evek GmbH. The supplier guarantees compliance with the range of supply of rolled products, provides prompt delivery of products to the point specified by the customer.