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The soft magnetic alloy precision 45H is a magnetic material having 19 according to GOST 693−74 induction coercive force is not more than 4 kA / m. It has a high initial permeability, it is magnetized to saturation in weak fields, thanks to the balanced composition. It has high magnetic permeability and saturation induction maintenance. It is used for the cores mezhdulampovyh, small power transformers, relays, chokes, components of magnetic circuits operated without bias or with a small magnetic bias at elevated induction.


Soft magnetic alloys are melted in special metallurgical furnaces with batch of high purity, after cooling is subjected to pull the shoes or rental. The group of soft magnetic materials belongs to a particularly pure ferromagnetic iron, low carbon electrical (unalloyed and siliceous) steel, low coercitive precision alloys Fe-based composite powder ferroalloys.


Production of transformers, electronic and electrical equipment, automation systems, telemetry, computer engineering. Production of cores microphones, transformers, components, electronic memory, magnetic circuits for use in sea water, and magnetic antenna components for electric machines. They are used in the field of innovative technologies, precision machine tools, household appliances, production of precision electronic devices, laser technology, for metrological equipment.

The percentage of (GOST 10994 — 74)

Si C Fe Mn P S Ni Cu
0.15 — 0.3 to 0.03 51.83 — 54.25 0.6 — 1.1 to 0.02 to 0.02 45 — 46.5 0.2

45H mechanical properties of the alloy at a temperature of 20 ° C.

assortment Eg. The size d5 sT sre KCU y Heat treatment.
  - mm % MPa MPa kJ / m2 % -
Cold-rolled strip 10 according to GOST 160−75     3 735 740   15  

The physical properties of grade alloy 45H.

T a June 10 E 10- 5 l C r R September 10
hail 1 / Grad MPa W / (m · deg) J / (kg · °) kg / m3 Ohm m
100 10.7          
20   2     8200 540


Physical properties of the alloy:

Description designation
— Temperature data acquisition of the alloy [Castle] — T
— Modulus of elasticity of the 1st kind, [MPa] — E
— Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (at 20 ° C) [1 / deg] -a
— The electrical resistance [ohm · m] -R
— Specific weight [g / cm3] -r
— Thermal conductivity [W / (m · deg)] -l
— Specific heat capacity (at 20 ° C) [J / (kg · deg)] -C

Mechanical properties:

Description designation
— The limit of proportionality (the yield strength for the residual strain) [MPa] sT
— Short-term strength [MPa] sre
— Reduction [%] y
— Elongation at break [%] d5
— Brinell hardness in [MPa] HB
— Impact strength [kJ / m2] KCU

Magnetic properties:

Description designation
— The coercive force (within) [A / m] Hc
— Permeability (max) [mH / m] Umax
— Specific losses (maximum) at 50 Hz and 1.0 T. The magnetic flux density [W / kg] P1.0 / 50
— T. Magnetic induction (at least) at a voltage of the magnetic field 100 in a magnetic field [A / m] B100
— The coercive force (not more), [A / m] Hc
— Permeability (max) [mH / m] Umax
— Specific losses (max) at a frequency of 50 Hz and a magnetic induction of 1.0 T [W / kg] P1.0 / 50


designation Description
limited weldability — Needs to preheating t ° 100−120 ° C with a final heat treatment
no limits — No need for preliminary heating and final heat treatment
difficult to weld — Needs to preheating t ° 200−300 ° C with a final heat treatment


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