Copper Sheet


Copper sheets are characterized by good plasticity, affordable price. They can be easily cut, bent, polished, soldered and welded... They have high thermal and electrical conductivity, resistance to corrosion, temperature fluctuations and the action of chemicals. Copper sheet is fire resistant and fire retardant. Aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, durability and harmlessness - make this sheet widely in demand. In addition, after recycling, copper is usually reused.


Copper sheet is produced in accordance with GOST 495-92 of rectangular cross section from billets. Copper alloys are used: M1, M2, M3, the chemical composition is normalized in GOST 859-79. The control of chemical composition is normalized in GOST 24 231-80. The sheet is produced hard, semi-solid or soft. The surface should be clean, smooth, without any visible defects. There may be traces of broaching. Finished sheet has a rectangular cross-section with no burrs or bending edges. The edge is evenly trimmed. The sheet is strengthened by heat treatment, after which the sheet passes a test run. Through annealing, ductility and plasticity increase, and through cold deformation, the necessary hardness is obtained.


Sheet copper is used in the production of conductive and roofing materials for the creation of decorative elements, heat exchangers, electrical capacitors, brass instruments and many other applications. For roofs suitable copper grades M2p, M1f, it is well processed, heat-resistant, can withstand long adverse effects of atmospheric precipitation. Copper sheet - the ideal roofing material, with a guarantee of at least 100 years. It is resistant to corrosion, and only gets covered in greenish oxides over time. It is difficult to replace it in instrumentation, marine or automotive applications, and petrochemicals. Copper is the ultimate electrical material. Absolutely harmless copper sheet is relevant in water supply systems as well as in food industry - for production of kitchen utensils and kitchenware.

Thickness, mm Cutting, mm Price, per kg
Copper M1 sheets, hard and soft
From 0,5 to 12 600x1500 negotiated
Copper sheets M1 hot rolled
From 10 to 80 600x1500 negotiated
Copper sheets M2
From 0,5 to 60 600x1500 contract
Copper sheets M3
From 0,5 to 60 600x1500 contractual

GOST 9.510-93 standardizes packaging, storage, transportation and temporary corrosion protection. Copper sheet is produced hot- (G) and cold-deformed (D). Hot-rolled sheet is supplied in lengths up to 10 meters. Cold-rolled sheet is usually supplied in coils.

Copper sheet GOST TU Grade Chemical composition Cut
Hot-rolled 767

48-21-81, 48-21-427, 48-21-5045, 48-21-517,


M1, M1p, M2, M2p, M3, M3p, M1f GOST 859 0,4−10,0x600−3200x1000−3500
Cold-rolled 495 48-21-664 M1, M1p, M2, M2p, M3, M3p 2,5−4,0x600−700x1000−2000

Copper sheet marking

By method of production By accuracy (length and width) By length By material
E cold-deformed (drawn)

D hot-deformed


up to 10 meters

L normal according to 2 parameters

M increased by 2 parameters AND increased accuracy by length

K increased accuracy on width

LP of off


QD multiple


T hard,

P semi-hard, M soft.


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