Alloy tungsten, nickel, molybdenum

With its uniquely high melting point, tungsten is a technologically challenging material. Since its discovery, it has been considered a harmful impurity in ores for almost 100 years. When polymetallic ores were smelted with tungsten, the yield of the finished metal decreased and tungsten ate it up. It is no coincidence that the name Wolfram means wolfram. Nowadays we can't do without it in production of alloys with special properties.

Technical characteristics

Heavy tungsten-nickel-molybdenum alloy contains nickel and molybdenum in addition to 95%W (basis). It is poorly milled, has a high degree of ionizing radiation absorption, increased heat resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to high loads, excellent thermal conductivity. Specific weight 18,5 g/cm3.


The material has a complex composite microstructure. It consists of a mixture of the smallest metal particles which form a matrix. Therefore this material is not a true alloy but a composite with a metal matrix. It combines the properties of the three metals in its composition, semi-finished products of this material are obtained by crimping tungsten and molybdenum microparticles into the desired shape, sintering the compacted mass, and then introducing molten nickel into the structure.

The percentage composition of WNi3Mo2

W Ni Mo Impurities
95 2,9-3,1 1,9-2,1 up to 0,1%


Manufacture of complex shaped workpieces with curved surfaces: parts of cylinders, bushings, gyroscope rotors, inertial masses, erosion-resistant electrodes, funnels for shaped charges, biological protection against penetrating radiation.


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