Nitriding structural steels

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Features of this group of steels

Domestic State Standard GOST 4543 specifies that steel belongs to the category of nitrided steels by adding the letter A to its traditional designation. Thus, grades 38CrMuA, 38CrBPuA and the like are referred to the nitrided steels. These steels are characterized by high surface hardness, which is achieved by heat treatment in nitride-containing media. As a result, thermal substitution reactions occur, and in the microstructure of the steels appear fine intermetallic compounds - nitrides, which have high hardness.

Structural steels that contain titanium, vanadium and chromium - the elements that form nitrides - are the most suitable for nitriding. Nickel does not have such properties.

When nitriding steels, the modes of both the chemical heat treatment and the subsequent hardening and tempering should be particularly precisely observed, since otherwise the nitrides are destroyed.

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Nitriding alloy steels are used:

  • In the manufacture of articles where high surface hardness and wear resistance are required;
  • To improve the hardenability during heat treatment;
  • To improve the impact toughness of parts operated under repeated short-term loads;
  • For the manufacture of parts operating in chemically aggressive environments;
  • In the manufacture of hot forging tools, as well as working parts of cold positive forging dies.
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